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Monday, 28 December 2015

6 Easy Ways To Promote Your Ezine Articles (The Ultimate Guide)

Submitting articles is a means to promote a Brand online. Very few people write articles and submit them to article directories just for fun. Most people want to use it as a method of online exposure. There are many other article directories but ezine is the most strict of them all. It will penalize you for simple grammatical errors like wrong spelling, wrong punctuation not to talk of wrong grammar.

Ezine offer its authors with a basic, basic plus, platinum and diamond authorship. Back in 2010 when it comes to blog traffic, every one wrote about article submission. Like guest posting, it was like wild fire. This has slowly decreased, people now talk about ''guestographics'' which involves creating infograhpics and approaching those that might be interested for possible inclusion in their blog.

Generating traffic has actually shifted to content marketing and social media like facebook, twitter, reddit... Article marketing has not lost its place in the online business of site promotion. People want to write 2 articles, submit them to article directories, sit and wait for the traffic to start flowing in. That's not possible.

The aim here is to attract publishers and those that will share your articles. No publisher will want to publish an article on their site with little or incomplete information. If your article is interesting, people will love to share it. In this way you will get Brand exposure and then backlinks.

Write articles on topics that are searchable like ''how to take care of home garden,'' ''how to use pinterest to expose a brand...'' Most people already know where to go and get their information. For example no body will come to ezine to chat with friends, they will go directly to facebook. Man by nature is reluctant to changes. Even a chat box was to be created on ezine, it will take years to make people to start using that means of online communication.

Here are the 6 easy ways to promote your ezine articles.

1. Social media: Once your articles have been approved, share it to as many social media site as you can. This will increase backlinks to the articles for possible inclusion in the front page of google.

2. Other article directories: If an article is accepted on ezine, then all the other article directories will accept it as well. To get ahead of your competitors on ezine, submit your ezine articles on other article directories. Do a google search and you will get a tone of them.

3. Yahoo groups: Ignored by most but has potential. All you need to do is head over to yahoo groups and search for groups that write about your topic and post your articles there with a link back to the original ezine article.

4. Press release: Articles are not press release. If you submit your ezine articles on a press release site, it will be rejected. A press release is a news. write your articles in a news format and submit them to press release sites.

5. Youtube: Make short videos of your articles and submit them to youtube and other video sites.

6. On your own site: Ezine will not consider an article a duplicate content if you submit it on your site. By so doing, you will gain one way backlinks to your articles.

Most people will tell you approach influencers in your niche for a link or with an infographic, most of if not all them don't reply back. This poeple are filled with thousands of messages every day and they are out for business opportunities not to promote your link or infographics.

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