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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

How To Do Snail Farming In Cameroon

What is Cameroon?

Cameroon is an underpopulated country found in center Africa.

It has a total of 16 million inhabitants.

During the times of colonization, it was colonized by the Germans and after World War 2 the Germans were defeated by the British and French.

When did Cameroon gained its independence?

Cameroon gained its independence on January 1 1960.

Cameroon is a tropical rain forest.

What is a tropical rain forest?

A tropical rain forest is an ever green forest.

Unlike in Europe, America and some parts of Asia where trees share all of their leaves during winter. Trees in Cameroon are ever green.

It has two seasons.

Known as raining and dry season.

It has two official languages, French and English.

It has a sea, lakes and many rivers.

The people of Cameroon are largely involved in small scale Agriculture, planting crops such as Banana, Plantains, Corn, Beans, Cassava, Yam for domestic use.

Cash crops include Cocoa and Coffee.

Foreigners in Cameroon include Nigerians locally known by the people as Ibo.

They are mostly involved in trading.

How is Cameroon?

Cameroon has a complete educational system ranging from a nursery school to university.

It has a complete health facility ranging from local hospitals to government owned hospitals commonly known as general hospitals.

Cameroon has a complete defense system ranging from Police, Gandams, national guards to an army ready for war. Courts include customary courts solving local despots to high court dealing with international conflicts.

It is Governed by a system ranging from a President, Vice President, Governors, Parliamentarians and many government paid officials.

The people of Cameroon stay informed by a national radio and tv station known as CRTV and many local TV and radio station for example, ocean city radio, canal 2, lake site radio and many more.

It uses a currency known as CFA France ranging from 1cfa to 10.000 cfa France.

Today, we will be looking at snail farming in Cameroon

What are snails? 

Snails are little nocturnal animals living in shells.

They are locally known by the inhabitants of Cameroon as Congo meat or Nyamangoro.

They lay eggs.

Go through a period of hibernation during adverse dryness.

Children are independent from parents from the day of birth to the day of maturity.

They do not mate, found in pars.

They feed on almost every thing.

Ground, vegetation like pawpaw, leaves of plants, they feed on any thing eatable.

They can be found in Cameroon, Congo, Benin, Nigeria etc.

They can be found in other countries for example there are white types in Germany.

But the people in Germany do not use them for food instead they use them to produce better garden vegetables.

It has a very high demand and price but there are very few snail farmers in Cameroon Congo, Nigeria, Benin.

Why to do snail farming?

In countries like Cameroon, Nigeria, Congo, Benin snails is loved by its inhabitants as a source of meat.

The people in Cameroon call it Congo meat.

From Hockers to big vendors are making a fortune out of snails each time they find out how the depend for it is increasing.

Not only is this special delicious meat running out of number in the wild, they are also seasonal.

Can be seen most during the raining season in the wild.

The hunger for it is increasing even from its inhabitants in foreign countries like Europe, America, Asia.

The price for it is increasing due to the increase in demand.

No one is taking capital advantage of it.

No one is doing it in a large scale.

When to do snail farming?

There is no specific time to do snail farming.

All snail farmers have to do is make sure they keep the area wet.

How to do snail farming?

Snail farming is the cheapest farming ever known.

They do not have any special food to make them grow better.

They feed on just any thing.

Snail farmers do not need to go through a course to better feed them, make them mate better, take care of their young ones.

They are very independent animals.

The do not get sick, do not need medication.

Where to do snail farming?

Snails is loved by its inhabitants in the whole world but they have specific countries they are known and better taken care of.

Not only are these countries tropical rain forest, they also have the right vegetation round the year that snails need to feed on.

How to prepare Snails?

We can not talk about how to do snail farming without talking about what it is use for.

Unlike in Germany where the people use it in their Gardens to better the soil for better vegetables.

The people in Cameroon, Benin, Nigeria, Congo use it for food.


Now this is the hard part.

Snails have to be taken out of their shell.

This is done either by using a fork, special nails or being hit with a stone.

They have this saliva that will keep reproducing itself the whole day until salt or a special product known as Aloom is used.

Then they have to be dried with pepper to get all the saliva out.

Then they can be cooked with tomatoes eaten with rice, plantains.

Made into pepper soup eaten with rice and plantains.

Used as meat in Ero.


Not only is snail farming the cheapest farming method any farmer can practice, it also has a high demand and price.

Snail farming is neglected by the inhabitants of its countries of fame.

Even when snail farmers want to do it they do it in very little scale.

The demand is increasing every day.

The price is raising every day.

No one is seeing this.

No one is doing something about it.

It is time for someone to capitalize on this and see the magic work out.

where to buy snails in germany?

eating snails in germany.

where to sell snails in germany?


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