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Sunday, 21 May 2017

The Power Of The Internet

In today's world, we talk about TV power where you are always running back home to watch your favorite cartoon, movies, news, sport, series...

With the radio you want to listen to news, music and other interesting programs.

Man is known to be a pig always searching for what people like or hate.

The power of financial independence is the greatest thing any human being can enjoy.

What do you do when you are making money while sleeping?

Yes the internet has that power today to make you rich.


I wanted to name this post the power of social media sites but it did not cover all the idea I had in mind.

These days the internet is a world for many. Those looking for information, entertainment, love, happiness, witch craft, there is even something known as internet sex.

If you take sometime and see all what is posted on the internet it is not posted by God or the Devil it is posted by regular people.

You will never make it with multi billion dollar industries like porn, sex, love, happiness, religion, Christianity, health, making money on the internet, internet traffic, seo.

What you want to do is go local. 

What do I mean by go local?

Get the idea from the following...

Kinder garden school mates in Badvilbel 1980

Badvilbel bikini girls 1990

Badvilbel football boys 2000

Best American clubs in Badvilbel

Men clubs in Badvilbel

Women meeting in Badvilbel

Old people mate club in Badvilbel

Marriage clubs in Badvilbel

You do not have to take the ideas above. That is just so that you get the picture.

You can come up with your own even better than the ones I have listed for you.

Share them with me if you find out yours are better than mine.

But if you look carefully at what I have tried to list you will notice those are topics gathering a particular people with a particular interest.

Now the internet provides a perfect place to gather them where no one is seeing what they are doing.

Humans are known to be in their best performance when alone.

It is not as easy as it is said, it will take some time, patience and handwork.

But if you keep up and do not give up sooner or later you will harvest the fruits of your labor.

The open gates to money that flow without an end and financial independence.

When you search the internet on how people are making money on it, you will find out about the following scamming where they will promise to deliver you with a particular good most commonly known dogs and after they get your money they and your product are no where to be found.

The act is known as internet theft.

There is also google and other adwords where ads of other sites are displayed on your site typically a blog or website and you earn a very low fee each time someone clicks on the ad on your website or blog.

There is also cpa offers where people fill forms with a special code refereeing back to you.

This is commonly found on social media sites especially facebook and twitter.

There are also sites online that will provide you with simple jobs like data entry where employers will expert you to be able to perform simple task like fill an excel sheet with information, article writing, copy writing to complicated jobs like website building, java and css scripting. 

To find out more about such sites go to there are many more I will not list each and every one here for you.

You will have to do the hard work on your own.

There is yet another form of making money online known as affiliate marketing. With this one you go to sites such as clickbank, amazon... promote the product of people known as vendors.

What you get from such a marketing process is a commission which ranges from 50 - 75%.

All the above listed ways to make money online are genuine and free.

But the truth still stays you will have to be able to gather people online before you can start making any money.

This leads us to the most effective way to make money online is through coming out with your own product.

Coming out with your own product is not as hard as it seems.

Let us say you are trying to gather women on a favorite idea about home gardening. 

Give most of your idea out for free and then rape some extra tips in a special package and demand for a small fee.

If your readers like what you share for free they will eventually be interested on what you are trying to sell. There is even a way to ask them to freely donate if they like what you are sharing.

You want to know how to gather people?

There are free methods like social media sites facebook, twitter, pinterest... which is the most common, creating a blog on free sites like blogger, wordpress... to paid domains.

What you want to do is use the free methods.


You do not want to change the world but you want to share with it what you have found out.

Make sure to have a one on one contact with your readers.

Focus on getting readers rather than money, money will come later.

Do not scam, teach people what you know and they will like you for it.

It will take some time.

Start by sharing it with family members and then friends if they like what you are sharing with them, they will share it with other family members and friends and before you know it, it has gone public.

Do not be afraid to receive negative comments. There is something known as internet bullies.

Find those that are interested in what you have to say and make friends with them.

Internet Psychology

I wanted to call this search engine psychology but there is a reason it is called internet psychology.

On today's post, we are not just going to be looking at keyword research, search engine optimization, backlinks.

But we are going into the depths of the internet world.

Every thing you see on the internet from social media sites, entertainment, job sites to porn sites is owned and controlled by regular people.

These people are enjoying something known as financial independence.

They are making millions while they sleep on their beds and you are busy chatting and posting photos on facebook and tweeting every little thing you see out there, watching movies, typing peoples name on google to see what they are doing on the internet.

Many have found out this power, there is allot of scamming locally known as internet theft. Majority of people that want to make money on the internet fail.

The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.

Websites, blogs, small food restaurants, shops, bars, barber saloon, cultural groups, beauty shops die due to lack of people to consume their products.

Many have gone online trying to promote their local business on the internet.

But after creating a website, blog, facebook page twitter account they end up getting no leads.

But if you look at facebook and twitter there are many others just to name the 2 most popular you are going to find out stars run these sites where they are posting updates to their fans.

The rest of the people that use these sites are busy chatting with friends tweeting pictures of their favorite dogs and cats.

So do not see the millions of likes on an Eminem post and think you can just get that.

You will need to create what is known as online presence.

People will keep typing their favorites sites when they need entertainment.

Your only hope is to annex the power of search engines.

Search engines provide search results based on a keyword command say how to make money on the internet asap.

Many internet giants have found out about this power and they are paying huge money to seo sites to make sure they get all the top positions.

Your only chance to bypass these gurus is to have a less competitive keyword say a local festival meeting known by people in a particular village, group or even country.

Or you want to understand the psychology of the average search engine user.

You can optimize a video, website post, tweet, blog post, article for search engines.

Many people if not all will teach you to place the said keyword  say how to loose weight asap at least 3 times in the video description, blog and website post, article but I have seen google retaining a tweet where the keyword is found just once in the first result.

The target is to get a unique keyword and not knowing the number of times it has to appear in your post.

Focusing on that will make your article uninteresting and boring.

I promised to teach the psychology of search engine users.

Let me do that for you.

They are likely to type the following before any keyword they are looking for.

- free

- best

- cheapest

- asap, america

- lowest

- funniest

- highest

- fastest...

What you want to know about search engines

People turn to search engines when they need information their regular and social media sites can not provide.

Most search terms include, sex, free porn sites, free way to make money on the internet or free ways to make money online, free computer games, free online games, free internet games, video game guides like facebook games, sony playstation games, microsoft xbox games, free ways to get internet traffic, favorite stars.

Do not go in for any of the above mention keywords, you will never make it.

Facebook, twitter, google, yahoo, bing have the lions share of the internet experience and they are all found in the united states. 

So try and make sure you write in American English.

Or you want to learn Chinese and gain the power of buido.

Let us take for example asap is a typical american word.

You will find most Americans using the following languages how to loose weight asap, how to get my ex boy friend, girl friend back asap, how to get sex asap, how to get married asap, how to fall in love asap, how to get good sleep asap, how to find a man, woman asap, how to get internet traffic asap, how to get backlinks asap.

So you want to find out about a language commonly used in a village town or even country and apply it to your online presence.

In America weight lost problem is a multi billion dollar industry.

Humans have the tendency to go where it is already successful but what they fail to understand is, it is the house of giants and the question still stays how do you get in?

Let us say you have your own signature move on how to loose weight and develop a bitch body asap.

Instead to just say how to loose weight fast or how to loose weight, try and optimize your site facebook page tweets on the following how to burn out calories asap, asap food receipts to loose weight, how to loose belly fat asap, how to get a bitch body asap, how to develop a bitch body asap, how to loose calories asap.

Extra tips

Many people are creating websites, blogs, social media accounts, what they need is internet traffic.

Topics on internet traffic like free ways to get internet traffic, free ways to build backlinks, best ways to get internet traffic, how to get backlinks fast, free ways to get blog, website subscribers, how to build an email list fast.

These keywords have gone viral on search engines.

What if I teach you how to get into such power house?

Change the keywords say free ways to get internet traffic asap, free ways to build backlinks asap, best ways to get internet traffic asap, how to get backlinks asap, how to get blog, website subscribers asap, how to build an email list asap

Google who is the mother of search engines have updates to promote and penalize sites.

There is an update that dropped a penalty on thin content sites, what you want to do is search the whole web on a particular topic you know you are good at say how to get my ex back asap find sites that have thin contents steal their title, post and better it.

Google will then prefer yours to theirs.


People are willing to spend money on all the above listed keywords.

But the funniest thing is online they want it free.

Try and use a little head you can optimize a site on all the cultural meetings, bars, food restaurants, pizza shops, beauty shops,  in a village town, country.

Want the money do not worry the money will come when the people start coming in.

Give it some time.

Choose you a topic say how to grow better garden vegetables asap.

Create a website, blog, facebook fan page, twitter account. Give out relevant information to that topic paying a close attention to your keyword choices.

Create backlinks on giants sites like social media sites, article sites, video sites.

Leave it there get back to regular life like find a job, girl friend.

Watch the magic happen in a long term.

Making money on the internet is not asap it is a long term investment.


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