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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

How To Get Rich In 2018

The reason I created this post how to get rich in 2018 is due to the huge demand I find people trying to make money.

You can also name this how to make money in 2018.

In our world today, we all love what money is able to do, every one wants to make money.
Look at the world around you and you will know what exactly I am talking about.

I hear in Brazil men change themselves to women so that they can give their bodies out for sex just for 5$.

In Cameroon people are ready to kill their own mother, father, friends just to make money.

There is also a service online where people are willing to do just any thing fo 5$.

Everyone wants to get married and make friends to rich people.

The poor are rejected and neglected.

This is where I come in. I want to also see your bank account swell.

I will be teaching you how to get rich in 2018 or how to make money in 2018 using the internet.

Yes your every day online experience can make you rich.

Every thing you see on the internet from news to chat sites is posted by people and they are making money sleeping while you are browsing.

Some of you are even buying products online.

It is about time to get into the game.

But be warned it is going to take some time, hardwork and allot of patience.

When you just dump on board many people are ready to receive your money and leave you without success.

Google offers a free blog platform known as blogger,there are also free blogger platforms like wordpress...

These are like web sites but for the fact that it is free you do not have to pay any monthly or yearly domain fee.

So what do you want to do with blogger or wordpress?

There most be something you are good at.

How to create a blog post in 2018.

Maybe you found out how to better take care of children, your husband, wife, dogs, garden, bar, restaurant...

What you want to do with the information is seat and write an intereting article about what you have found out.

Go ahead create you a blog or wordpress and post in there.

Here comes the second phase.

How to get people to start visiting that blog.

This is the biggest topic when it comes to online marketing or digital marketing.

Then you will have to get into the most boring part of how to make money online in 2018.

We will start with seo (search engine optimization.)

This is a method where by you get traffic from search egines like google,yahoo, bing, baidu...

What search engines need is what is known as keyword.

And they rank sites from a scale of 1 -10 known as pr (page rank.)

There are 2 types of keywords namely long and short tail keywords.

Example of a short tail keyword might look something like this blog traffic 2018.

Example of a long tail keyword look like this how to get blog traffic in 2018.

It is becoming impossible to rank for just any thing on the internet these days.

From big companies with huge budgets to spend on online advertisement to genius who know how to play around the corner with the big sharks.

How do you get a keyword that end up landing on the 1st 10 results of search engines?

Say you found out how to grow a church from 10 to 1000 members in less than a year.

Now if you get online and write an article promoting the keyword how go grow a church from 10 to 1000 members you risk not being found in the first 100 results of search engines.

This is what you want to do, you do not want to leave any slide information as to what type of church that is, location, you want to go to details your competitors have no idea about.

You might say something like this how to grow a new age church from 10 to 1000 members, how to grow a church in Frankfurt from 10 to 1000 members (Frankfurt is a city in Germany.)

So you get the picture maybe you even have better variations than I do use that power.

Try to insert as much keywords as you can in a single article but you want to keep it interesting though.

There is a reason you want to keep it interesting you need comments and social shares that will lead us to our next section about seo known as backlinks.

If you have been following up with me then you most have already found out search engines rank sites from a scale from 1 - 10.

Now how?

This is based on the number of sites your blog links to known as outbound links you can also do internal linking where you might refer a user to one of your former post known as inbound links.

This section will cover every thing you need to know about online marketing.

Let us start with

Social Media Marketing

Here you are required to make people visit your blog based on your social media presence on facebook, twitter, pinterest...

I will not name all of them here for you, you will have to do a google search and find them all.

Each time you create a profile on this sites with a link to your blog you get a backlink some of them are do follow example twitter, pinterest and some of them are no follow example facebook.

The secret here is choose say 4 know all what people are interesting on,on these social sites provide that information and be active on them and if God willing you get followers.

With facebook you can even create a fanpage.

Guest Posting

Here you will have to write an article about your product find people that are writing about that same product and offer to write for them.

This is the most if not the most effective way of making some targeted and quality traffic back to your blog.

But it is the most dificult part of all.

Most of them will not even reply you back and are very concerned if you already run a high traffic blog.

But as the Germans will say there are good bosses.

There are also paid article writing sites like freelancer where website owners are ready to pay you to write an article for them.

What you want to do is not take the 2 $ most of them are willing to offer for a 450 word article but rather go behind their back and check their website traffic and if you find out they have a huge user database tell them to promote your link rather than go for the money.

Video Marketing

The most popular of them all is youtube owned by master google itself and it is a pr 9 site.
So if you place the link to your blog on youtube you get a pr 9 domain backlink known as authoritative backlinks.

To use all the advantage youtube have for your blog is to use the keyword section wisely, make sure if you create a video about what you are good at then try to use all the keword variation I gave above.
Say you are someone that have been watching how sites rank high online.

In the keyword section of your video you can say best ways to rank your site high on search engines, how to create banklinks that rank your site high in 2018, how to get authoritative backlinks in 2018.
Youtube also have a very interesting section where you can write everything about your video.
Make use of this.

If you create a video on how to cook delicious vegetables, try and say everything you did before the vegetable meal was that delicious.

Do not just say how to cook delicious vegetables in 2018.

If you are new try and make the videos short atmost 5 minutes.

Article Marketing

Most common are ezine and article base.

Thesame rule goes here you get a backlink most if not all are do follow.

What you will be doing here is writing short articles about your product of atleast 450 words.

You have to make it very intereting and never use the I there since most of them will reject it if they see it there as self promoting and not interesting.

Say you are writing about how to promote a local food resturant in Frankfurt.

You want to define your restarant,the type of food and services you have and not say my food restaurant is the best food restaurant in Frankfurt.

Blog Commenting

With this one you will be commenting on other blogs.

Try and focus on the page rank of the blog if you ask me I will say the blog has to be atleast a pr 4 blog,then you want to read through the article thoroughly and make comments accepting a fact or denying it.

Most of the time this will attract the users of the blog and even the owner.

This will land you some blog traffic and a backlink.

Forum Posting

These are sites that some particular people drop there and post questions known as threats and need people to tell them what to do.

You what to know about the difficulties people in your niche (a niche in the blogger world is what you are writing about) and have solution for them.

Most of them will follow you to your blog and an additional advantage is that you get a backlink.

Question Answer Sites

Here the big dos are yahoo answer and quora.

These sites have all the questions people have in the world.

Go there find your types and answer their questions.

Do not try to fool them since they will just run away from you and make sure if you have to place a link back to your site it as to be relevant to the question since most of these sites will delete irrelevant links and might even band you.


It is said write for the people not for search engines.

Many people online will tell you to make sure the said keyword is found in the blog post or article atleast 3 times, they will even tell you where to place them, trust me do not focus on that.

I have been doing what I am doing like this since 2010 and I have seen blog post and articles with the said keyword found just once.

If the people like what they are reading, they will spread the news for you and reduce the hard work of creating backlinks.

People often ask me how many backlnks do I need to get a blog ready for the world, my honest anwser to them is 50 authoritative backlinks.

To tell you the truth create the blog and the said number of backlinks, leave it there and return to your regular job.

It will take some time before people start visiting the blog and if you want the money bloggers are ending asap then you are in the wrong field try that some where else.

Talking about money wait until you get a steady flow of atleast 1000 visitors a day before you can start trying to sell anything on the blog.

Buyers will run away from you if they find out you are just trying to get their money.

First concentrate on creating an owner user experience, reply to their comments, answer their questions.

It is but a psychology stat of mind of humans to be given attention and respect.


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