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Friday, 15 January 2021

Nearly a dozen ex-military members among those arrested in connection with Capitol riot

via Real News

Memphis man arrested in connection with riots at US Capitol

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Official Discussion Megathread (Pieces of a Woman / One Night in Miami / Locked Down / The Marksman)

Pieces of a WomanOne Night in MiamiLocked DownThe Marksman via /r/movies

Thought everyone should enjoy this via /r/aww

Angela will be 16 on March 5th and is very exited to be alive everyday via /r/aww

6 suspects in MI Governor Whitmer kidnapping plot set to stand trial in March

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States declare emergencies, close capitols ahead of rallies

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Just a reminder that Universal is releasing their classic horror movies like Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolfman, The Invisible Man... and many more free on YouTube. via /r/movies

The COVID drama “Locked Down” is nearly as annoying as, well, lockdown via /r/movies

‘Godzilla Vs. Kong’ Jumps Up To March 26 In HBO Max & Theatrical Debut via /r/movies

This very sweet kitty followed my daughter and I home on our walk a few days ago. We found the owners but they’re moving and asked if we wanted to keep him. Reddit meet Lollipop. via /r/aww

My husband captured this photo of my dog and I. It perfectly describes the partnership I’ve built with her! via /r/aww

Rochester man with Proud Boys ties smashed window at Capitol riots, feds say

via Real News

Far-right website 8kun again loses internet service protection following Capitol attack

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#Wallpaper Diesel lokomotive 6105 of Sabah State Railway in the state of Sabah in Malaysia https://

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#Wikipedia picture of the day on January 16, 2021: Diesel lokomotive 6105 of Sabah State Railway in the state of Sabah in Malaysia

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Time to go home via /r/aww

I made sweet Cheshire cat brooch. What do you think? via /r/aww

John C. Breckinridge

John C. Breckinridge.
John C. Breckinridge (January 16, 1821 – May 17, 1875) was an American lawyer, politician, and soldier. He represented Kentucky in both houses of Congress and became the youngest-ever vice president of the United States. He was elected to the House of Representatives in 1850 as a Democrat. He served as vice president from 1857 to 1861 alongside President James Buchanan. In 1859, he was elected senator for Kentucky. The Southern Democrats held two rival conventions; one nominated Breckinridge for president, who carried most of the Southern states. With the southern vote split, Abraham Lincoln won the election. Taking his Senate seat, Breckinridge urged compromise. When the Civil War broke out, Breckinridge fled to the Confederacy. He fought in numerous engagements as a general officer. In 1865 he was appointed secretary of war and urged the Confederate president, Jefferson Davis, to arrange a national surrender. After the war he lived abroad, returning in 1869.

US fast-food workers plan strike to demand $15-an-hour minimum wage

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Wikipedia article of the day is John C. Breckinridge. Check it out:

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Precious bonding time via /r/aww

He's just a hap hap happy pup via /r/aww

Remembering Neil Sheehan, Vietnam War Correspondent Who Revealed The Pentagon Papers

Sheehan, who died Jan. 7, broke the story of the Pentagon Papers and wrote A Bright Shining Lie, a Pulitzer Prize-winning book about the Vietnam War. Originally broadcast in 1988.

How do you hide love handles in a tight dress?

How To Hide Love Handles

 “Love handles” is an informal term for the sides of deposits of excess fat at the side of one’s waistline, and also the little rolls on the lower back. Both men and women can have these. In this post, I will be sharing tips and tricks on how to hide love handles in a tight dress. All of us want to wear body-clinging outfits to flaunt our figure. Some of us do look good in tight outfits, but then, some bulges start showing, especially around and sides of the tummy area. I still don’t understand why these bulges are called love handles🤔😉! Neither do they look cute nor loving. Here are some tips on how to hide these bulges in a tight dress, do read on.

Hide Love Handles in a Tight Dress

Love Handles And Clothes

Love handles occur when the extra fat around your stomach bulges at the sides and these can be accentuated by the wrong clothing choice. Sometimes, wearing tight outfits can be unflattering since it shows your love handles. Love handles can be hidden through a combination of wearing the right clothes, avoiding the wrong clothes and drawing attention away from your problem areas.

Ways To Hide Love Handles in a Tight Dress:

Here are some ways to hide love handles in a tight dress:

1. Invest in a Good Shapewear:

Do not worry, you can still wear that pretty outfit. The only thing you got to do; is buy a shapewear. It does wonders to your body shape. It helps flatten the bulges around your tummy, gives a nice lift to your bottoms and gives an overall slimmer effect to your body. Invest in a good corset-styled shape wear. Instead of opting for a waist cincher, tummy tucker, butt shaper or thigh reducer, opt for one-piece, full body shaper corset. This will help you cinch your tummy from all sides, without showing any bulges.

3. Wear Dark/Slimming Colours:

Wearing dark colours will always make you look slimmer and will not accentuate your body bulges. The easiest way to cut down a few inches is to wear a dark coloured outfit, since it effectively hide bumps, creases and folds in your body. If you are planning to buy a tight fitted outfit, opt a dark colour.

4. Wear Moderately Thick Fabrics:

Thinner fabrics may stick to your body, making you look more obese and the chances of showing unwanted bulges are more. Always make sure that you choose moderately thick fabric with detailed designs. Thick fabric will sit on your body without clinging on to folds and curves and not make them obvious.

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5. Wear Dresses With Vertical Stripes:

Horizontal stripes make you look fatter and shorter. Opt for an outfit with vertical stripes, it will make you look slimmer and taller and not expose you love handles.

6. Wear Dresses With Detailed Designs:

Outfits with detailed designs will make you look slimmer and also help you hide your love handles, by distracting the attention to the design.

7. Wear A Statement Necklace:

Wear a statement necklace. This will draw attention away from the bulges, towards the neck. A bold and unique necklace will draw eyes to your neck and keep attention away from your mid section. Avoid long necklaces, as they will draw eyes towards your mid section.

8. Wrap A Bright/Patterned Scarf:

Wrapping a bright or patterned scarf is another trick to divert the attention away from the bulges towards the neck. A brightly-coloured or boldly-patterned scarf around your neck will keep the attention on your face and neck, thereby helping you hide your love handles. It is fine to wear a scarf during winter and autumn, however you may feel a bit hot in spring and summer. Use a thin, lightweight scarf made of linen, cotton or chanderi silk.

9. Wear Flashy Earrings:

Wearing flashy, long, dangling bold earrings will draw attention to your face and away from your mid section. It might look awkward to wear long earrings to work or for official meetings, use small studded earrings. Look for bright coloured studs with bold patterns. You can also wear studded ring shaped earrings.

10. Wear An Off Shoulder Dress:

Another trick to pull the focus upwards is by wearing an off shoulder dress. This will have the attention focused on your shoulders and away from the bulges.

11. Wear Flattering Neck Lines:

Wear dresses with flattering necklines. Another way to divert attention from your love handles is to wear dresses with low and fashionable necks. This will bring attention to your chest and neck instead of your love handles. Opt for dresses with V-neck, scooped and plunging neck lines. This is a great option for those ladies who cannot wear jewellery or scarves to work place or for official meetings.

12. Add A Layer On Top:

You can wear a thin cardigan or an open jacket as a coverup over a fitted dress. Long line cover ups will not only make you appear slimmer, but they also do a pretty good job of dressing down a dress, if you want to look casual.

13. Check The Length:

The length of a dress or a skirt plays a very important role in your final look. This is tricky because the same length does not suit everybody. While picking a fitted dress, make sure that it is not too short as it may make your thighs appear bigger. Dresses that end right above the knee or full length slit dresses suit mostly all body shapes

14. Under Garments Do Matter:

Your undergarments play an important role in your body shape. Do not wear loose or sagging bras, wear a correct size, fitting bra with an underwire or support. Your breasts should look firm. This will not only make your body shape look slimmer but also draw attention away from your bulges. Do not wear underwear that is too tight. Tight underwear, especially one with waistband or strap, will make your love handles look bigger. Choose an underwear with a higher waist and wear it above your belly button. The underwear that sits higher in the back than the front, wont show your tummy bulges.

What is the best tummy flattening shapewear?


There are areas that we would all like a bit of extra control on, whether it's a bit of lift in the bust or the butt or a little added support in our hips and thigh area. And there's certainly nothing wrong, either, with turning to a pair of Spanx or shaping shorts when in need of a little oomph—celebs do it all the time, especially when it comes to walking the red carpet.

Luckily, the market is chock-full of great shapewear that promises to smooth out any lumps or bumps in your problem areas and in turn, boost your confidence. And today, we're honing in on all the best tummy-control shapewear that we think is 100% worth the investment. These are pieces you can wear whenever you feel the need to trim your tummy, shape your waistline, and support your back. Ready to see our finds? Read on to shop the shorts, briefs, and bodysuits that promise ultimate tummy control without sacrificing comfort, plus reviews that have us convinced.

Shop tummy-control shapewear:

1. City Chic Smooth & Chic Control Briefs

"Great product, heavy-duty enough to hold up yet light enough to breathe. There is no better bang for your buck!"

2. Spanx Open Bust Mid Thigh Bodysuit

"This is my first time buying a SPANX item and I LOVE it. It really does smooth the lumps out. I would always buy the cheaper versions of shapewear but sometimes you have to spend a little bit more if you want good quality."

3. Spanx Onccore High Waist Mid Thigh Shaper

"These are absolutely wonderful! They go up nice and high so they cover all of my stomach and sides, which is what I was looking for. They give me that extra confidence boost to wear form-fitting dresses!"

4. TC Shape Away High Waist Shaping Thigh Slimmer

"Definitely smooths bulges and holds you in. There is some boning in the back, which was unexpected, but isn't visible or uncomfortable."

5. Yummie High Waist Shaper Thong

"Smoothed out my stomach but ran a little small. Good purchase overall.

6. Wolford Tulle Control Shapewear Shorts

"Amazing! Smooth, slimming, easy to wear. Sucks you in."

7. ITEM m6 Shorty Shaping Shorts

"This TC 'Shape Away' high-waist shapewear is my new favorite. I have other items of shapewear including the brand that most people think of when they think of shapewear but this TC brand beats them all! It is very well made, comfortable and most of all does the job. My first time wearing it was for my granddaughter's wedding. I put it on at 2:00 in the afternoon and didn't take it off until almost midnight that day. It was never once uncomfortable and it made my dress fit like a dream."

8. Belly Bandit Mother Tucker Compression Leggings

"Starting wearing these a week after my C-section. Very comfortable and highly recommend."

9. Yummie 6-in-1 Shaping Tank

"I bought this for post-surgical support, but it’s so comfortable—and effective—that I will be wearing it more frequently at work. Time to get another one in nude!"

10. TC Waist Cincher

"This cincher flattens and gives the appearance of a more slim silhouette. You will feel the pressure of the material but that just means that it's getting the job done, won't leave home without it!"

11. Commando Strapless Control Shapewear Slip

"If you just need a little something to control and give you a smooth appearance under your dresses, this is for you! Very comfortable and does not ride up. LOVE! Not necessary to wear a bra with this if you have a medium-to-small bust."

12. Commando Control Top Thong

"This is my favorite shapewear piece. I am a size 8, 5'10" and sized down to a small for extra 'tummy control.' Highly recommend."

13. Spanx OnCore High-Waist Shaper Shorts

"The legs stayed down and the top stayed up over my stomach all night. Very comfortable. Well worth the money."

14. TC AdJust Perfect Waistline Briefs

"Fits true to size. The rubber/silicon seams on the inside keep this underwear in place. Great tummy control for those bloated days."

15. Yummie Seamless Shaping Briefs

"A great smoothing effect and gives support."

16. Wacoal Visual Effects Underwire Shaping Bodysuit

"Exactly what I was looking for: comfy, lightweight and something I can wear instead of a shaping panty and a bra. I always feel like I'm yanking my bra down and my panties up! I have a few dresses that don't need a slip but need something 'solid' underneath. Very soft and the bra part fits perfectly."

17. Spanx Higher Power Mid-Thigh Shaping Shorts

"Easy to get on (unlike some shapewear) and fits nicely, smoothing all of the key areas! The leg length is perfect, and they didn't creep up! I think you too would be satisfied with these shaping shorts!"

18. Skims Sculpting Seamless Bodysuit

"It’s important to remember this is marketed as 'everyday' shapewear for sculpting. If you’re looking for the heavy-duty body contouring shapewear this isn’t it. I love that this smooths my curves without trying to eliminate them. [It's] also thick enough to wear as a top under jackets or blazers."

19. Commando Ultimate Opaque Control Top Tights

"This past fall, I ordered a variety of brands, including Nordstrom, Spanx, Wolford, Smartwool, and Commando. This pair was the winner." 

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This story was originally published at an earlier date and has been updated.

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