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Thursday, 21 May 2015

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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Gta 5 in German


2015 Web Search Optimization

I was browsing a wikipedia page this morning when I wanted to get more information about what SEO (search engine optimization) is all about.

The article grape my interest, so I decided to take that page and inserted it into Google Key Word Planner.

I found out something very interesting. It gave me a series of other keywords Related to SEO.

Here they are web search optimization, internet search optimization, website search Engine optimization, search marketing optimization, search and optimization.

When I tried to google those keywords, I found out no one has written a post addressing those exact keywords.

Now the SEO industry is a very large and competitive industry on the internet.

Ranking for keywords like seo, search engine optimization, backlinks, how to build backlinks, keyword research is mission impossible.

But you will find out that people searching for these keywords web search optimization, internet search optimization, website search Engine optimization, search marketing optimization, search and optimization.

Are looking for thesame information as those searching for seo, search engine optimization, backlinks, how to build backlinks, keyword research.

That is where this article 2015 Web Search Optimization comes in.

Now if you start a blog or website, and want to go into some seo, this is what everyone will tell you.

- build backlinks
- make blog comments
- submit articles to article directory
- submit videos to video directories
- submit files to file directories
- submit your blog to blog directories
- do keyword research
- create profiles on social media sites
- do guest bogging which I recently heard has a penalty now on google and so many bloggers are no more accepting guest post

All of the above methods to get your blog or website recognise by search engines is the right approach to online marketing.

But what if you do all these and at the end of the day you see 2 people visiting your blog or website?

That sounds frustrating right?

The internet these days has become wild, even stars are now on facebook and large companies are taking the first page of google because they have the money to spend on ads.

Let's come to you, you want to start your little home garden blog or website.

How do you go around the mad rush for internet traffic?

Go on wikipedia or any other site that provides well edited information like wikipedia, take that link and insert it into Google Key Word Planner and it will provide you with long tail keywords.

You will find out that non of your big guns competitors are ranking for these keywords.

You will see their post but not with exactly those keywords.

Write well detailed information addressing these keywords.

You will be surprise as to the results you will get with little backlinks.

Now I am operating a Christian blog called The New Life In Christ and a game blog called Game world.

what I am doing with these keywords web search optimization, internet search optimization, website search Engine optimization, search marketing optimization, search and optimization.

I will call this section the power of niche ideas.

To start a blog or website is not the problem.

Nowadays everyone can do that.

With blogger, wordpress, and even some free website options everyone can go online and create them a website or blog.

So what make the difference?

You want to get readers and some expertise right?

Let's try to come into some deep History so you get the point.

Do you remember what happened in Europe years ago when Germany started a world war?

Do you remember what took place in Africa when slaves where scattered around the world?

What about South Africa?

I recently read an article that most of them fled to Australia.

Now these people get sometimes dead hungry of home.

Home food, drinks, activities, cultural meetings...

I am a typical example of this experience.

I live in Germany.

I left Cameroon October 2010.

2014 I was seek of home food.

I remember browsing on google searching for any place with the food receipt Fofo and Ero.

At the end of the day I could not find any.

Do you know what I would have been willing to pay if I laid my hands on any restaurant offering that receipt.

Where do you live, learn the culture, find out what people out of that Country, city, even village, might be missing from home.

Come up with some well written post about those things you know the people will love to see again.

Give out most of them for free.

Then to get a little compensation for your intelligence and hard work.

Rape a few in a pdf file and sell them for some little dollars.

Head straight to click bank.

There you will have an option to sell that document.

You might even get other people to help you promote that product

Known a affiliates.

There you go, you have become an employer overnight reading an article on the internet

How fun is that?

People will buy them, trust me on this one.

I do some studies.

I have found out people making 50, 000 dollars doing something that little.

What have you found, on the internet, any where, organise these items, so people don't see you as a kid, create a blog or website, and watch the magic happen.

I am someone who have been on the internet for some time now, since 2011 to be précised.

So I know what is going on.

I could sell this information and make some money.

But sometimes it is not about the money but the trust and loyalty that is why I will give you what I know free of charge.

People are spending millions on the internet.

To do advertisement.

Especially on facebook.

But they also do this on other social medai platforms, news sites, article directories.

Everyone is teaching them how to do their advertisement on facebook.

Best ad ideas, best ad size, best ad colour.

No one has taken the time to see those that do their advertisement out of facebook.

Search other ad platforms.

Search what the people are asking.

See into their frustration and confusion as to the results they get after spending allot of money and with very poor results.

Go into that ad platform.

Do some serious research.

See what the people love.

Best ad sizes,

Best ad colours.

Possible mistakes and solutions,

The Do's and the don't Do's.

Come out with post addressing these situations.

And Publishers will love you and some might even hire you to do their ad campaign for them.

If you are lucky you get hired by a large company and your dreams come through just like that.

If you ask me I am no best man there are people also teaching me like Glen, Neil, Brian.

These are very successful bloggers.

So you can see I also learn.

So if you want to go into some online marketing and think you can do it alone from your IT studies in the university of Oxford then you have it all wrong.

Have you ever heard the saying ''when you go to Rome do what the Romans do''

Why I am saying that, I do not care if you have a PhD in Biomedical science.

If you come on the internet, you have to become a child again to be thought by the rough guys who know what is going on, on the internet.

Let's try to round up on this.

Do you have an idea to take your home flower ideas to the next level?

Have you decided to create a blog or a website on that?

Let no one discourage you.

Do that,

Who knows maybe you get hired by Obama to do his home gardening for him.

Great success begins with a humble beginning.

Don't ignore people, reply to their comments, help them promote their content if they have something trustworthy to read.

Don't be shy say the truth ''men love looking at half naked girls''.

That's it you want to listen then listen you don't what to listen then listen.

To end this, where did this all idea started?

Wikipedia with the following set of keywords web search optimization, internet search optimization, website search Engine optimization, search marketing optimization, search and optimization.

No one in a large industry like seo is paying any attention to.

How did you find this? hit me up @ mbuwilliams@gmail.com


Saturday, 2 May 2015

2015 Local Search Engine Optimization Marketing (SEO)

Why does he call this 2015 Local Search Engine Optimization Marketing why don't you just call it Search Engine Optimization!

Now if that is your problem or if that is your question, then give me a minute to explain.

Gone are the days when people where excited to receive emails, gone are the days where you could rank for just any thing on the internet.

Now there are 2 million blog posts made every single day.

And mind you the big guns who have the budget to spend also go in for the same keyword that you are trying to rank for.

So if you start a blog on search engine optimization and you are trying to rank for the keyword search engine optimization or seo, then your chances are very slim if you will have any.

This is where 2015 local search engine optimization marketing comes in.

As life will always have it there is a way around everything.

When you start doing search on search engine optimization or seo, you will find everyone telling you to do the following things

- keyword research

- Create backlinks

What they are not telling you is how to do keyword research or how frustrating it is to build backlinks.

The process to get these 2 things done can overwhelm or even discourage you.

Let me try to encourage and inspire you, you do have to do keyword research and build some quality backlinks on high page rank sites.

But it feels great when you see some success in what you are trying to do.

The most common tool to do keyword research is known as Google Key Word Planner.

Now if you head over to Google Key Word Planner, and type search engine optimization, it will give you keywords that it is showing to everyone.

What you want to do is head over to the section where it requires you to enter a URL often seen as this www.example.com/page.

You can enter your website or blog there, you can enter your competitors website or blog, wikipadia pages, news feeds and articles there.

What this will give you are unique keywords related to that particular domain name.

Most of which are long tail keywords.

Choose at least 3 of them, head over to google again and enter those keywords.

Browse through the post on those keywords and see the ones you can better.

Then create your own post bettering the ones you found ranking for those keywords.

Now don't pray you get results from these posts.

Try and do some crazy sharing.

Sometimes you will find people ranking on the front page of google for very competitive keywords with poor content.

These are the people that enjoyed during the days where people where excited over the internet.

Now people are very careful as to what they are reading online and there are even softwares to protect the emails of people.

You want to show some expertise in what you are trying to teach people.

You can also head over to reddit.com.

Reddit is the largest news site on the internet.

They have some keywords even google doesn't have any idea about.

Type in your keyword on the search bar and see what you can find.

Then head over to google and type in what you have found.

If you see this page on google, no search results, then check on the monthly search, if it is over 1000 then go for it.

Pinterest is also a good source to get some quality and unique keywords. Just know that you still have to use their search bar with your keyword and get some other keyword ideas

The reason I came up with 2015 Local Search Engine Optimization Marketing is because I don't want to tell you to create thousands of backlinks, submit videos, make blog comments.

I have been blogging since 2010 and so I know how frustrating these things are when you do them and don't get results.

Many people will tell you create great content and post regularly. Well they are forgetting something.

Great content or posting regularly doesn't get traffic which is the gaol of online marketing.

Now don't get me wrong, your content have to be applying to people before they can engage in your content and help you do some sharing.

But of what use is beauty if there is no one to appreciate it.

For those of you that have Barber shops, great home gardening techniques, hair dressing shops, flowers shops, bars, Restaurants, art shops...

If you are sitting there hoping to get people to turn in big time, then you want to go into some online marketing.

I recently heard about this blogger millionaire Glen who is joining the groups on facebook on each city he wants to visit.

Does that tell you how the internet is crazy to people these days.

People are trying to check on what is going down on facebook even when they are in the Toilet.

Head over to facebook create a page, group or both and advertise your little home garden.

You will be shocked of the number of people that will be interesting to know how come you get those big Tomatoes.

Human beings are known to be Psychological creatures, someone might not visit your hair dressing shop just because they have not found it on the internet (facebook).

Don't say I just have a bar that Mr John and his wife always show up on Fridays and sometimes Saturdays and if I am lucky then the youths across the street show up.

People like places that something is always going down.

If you start having some strangers visiting your bar, this will raise eyeballs and you might see that even Peter that does not even look at your bar might start visiting it.

People are always hoping to find new people, make new friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, Business partners.

Try to know what people like some of which they are not telling it to anyone, go on the internet tell them this and they will love you for it.

Poverty is out of fashion, humans have got so intelligent to be poor feels weird.

Quite complaining learn your world, your kind, your environment, make use of it and get you some nice car and a pretty lady.

That is the end of my story

If you enjoy reading this then email me @ mbuwilliams@gmail.com

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Gta 5


Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The Concept Of Idea, Tactics and Method

In this article, we will just be talking, you could as well grape a cup of coffee and relax on your couch while you read through it. Make sure you get the point though what I am trying to share here. I will be telling you stories of how I wanted to make money from a blog trying to teach people how 2 make a woman orgasm, to a story about a man who stole cell phones. At the time I was trying to promote that blog, I was not even intelligent myself. I had not known what men liked or what women liked. So you see how dangerous I was to health at the time.

Before we get into the heart of this matter, let me first of all try to tell you what the two opposite sex like. Men like to feel strong and like power that is why they are called masculinity while women like to feel beautiful and talk allot about their feelings that is why they are called felinity. A good male is a protector, guardian, provider by instinct. I do not know allot about females, since I am not one but at least I know they like taking care of things and like decorating things. So you know this time I know what I am talking about.

I came to Germany back in October 2010 and I was desperate to make money. On searching the internet on how to make money, I found out about blogging and affiliate marketing. Later I found this guy who had an affiliate product on how 2 make a woman orgasm, he had many other products, about dating, marriage and sex. And since I was new in a white man's country at the time, it cut my attention immediately. More over he had the most affiliate materials I have ever seen till date, banners, articles, email swipes, videos, rebrandable products, which made the work even easier.

Yes I received allot of ''not this one'' from family members, friends, teachers at school, and even some internet users now I am sure were parents at the time. No parent will want a child to be learning how 2 make a woman orgasm online. Now this is were I come in today.

''The concept of idea, tactics and method''. Is an article I came up with after I found out most people have the right idea but the wrong tactics and method. My idea was to make money on the internet, but my tactics and method was wrong. The man who was stealing cell phones to make money had a good idea, but his tactic and method was wrong. I am not going to be accusing you here if you are promoting pornographic content online to make money or show people you also know something called sex. I want to show you were the picture is wrong.

To make money is a good thing, we all need money in order to live, infact money is one of the most powerful things now in the World. What type of picture do I get if I am trying to promote a blog teaching people how 2 make a woman orgasm. First I will be seen upon as badly brought up and an infant who does not know what he is doing. Secondly the buying age are mostly parents, how do I get a parent to buy such a product, when all they are trying to do is warn their children away from such online content. Thirdly it is not comfortable to do, you can not conveniently do it in public or show people who can help you promote the content. Another very good point is that, I was constantly feeding myself with sex content which is not good.

The guy stealing cell phones to make money could end himself one day in jail. And most if not everybody does not like someone who steals. He has a bad public view.

Now let us go into another dimension of what I am trying to present to you today. At the time at school, they went behind my back and saw what I was doing on the internet and they were provoking and insulting me. What they did not know was that, that was my own idea of making money on the internet. At the time they were more intelligent than me, what they should have done was question me why I do such a thing and then give me the right alternative rather than make me feel like the worst person on Earth.

What lesson can you pick from what I have just said, those of you going about hating those that are stealing, smoking, prostitutes, drunkards, do not be quick to judge for you do not know what happened and what their idea is in doing what they are doing. What you should try to do is question such people, you will be shocked of the story some will have for you, try to be kind and nice to them, pray for those that hate due to a difficult time they had to go through. Try to teach the tactics and methods of someone trying to teach people how 2 make a woman orgasm, to maybe promoting things they have passion in, like me I like drawing, swimming and Bible stories, I could share this and it is a good way to get some people to join me, who will eventually pay what I have to sell.

For that one who is stealing cell phones, he does not have to steal, he could learn something about phones and who knows he could become a phone programmer since he had interest in phones. I could become a genuine phone dealer were he buys and sell phones.

Honestly speaking promoting that content how 2 make a woman orgasm ended me some visitors and I even made an affiliate sale. So actually there are people who are searching for such materials and are even willing to spend their hard earned money on such junk content.

I am not here to accuse you, I have been someone promoting such trash. As a human being, you want to be smart, intelligent, clever, wise. You want to know how to use your body, as information rather than sex. You want to learn the world you are found in, you want to have a passion, something you can not stop learning, and then you will find a male or female partner who shares in your passion. That is what makes life interesting.

Your power is in your heard, if you want to start over you have to come out heard first, if you want to start going to Church you have to come out heard first. Stop doing prostitution or smoking because of something bad that happened to you. Will you just let it go.

As a human being this is what is important to you, your value, usage, importance. Prostitution takes away all of this from you, cigarette smoking makes you smell bad and reduce the amount of time people can find you useful.

I am not saying you have to stop today, that is impossible. Forgiving yourself or someone is a gradual process. Keep doing your prostitution because you are angry, bitter, hateful or sour. Cry hate yourself for the bad things you let it go through, hate the people that did those bad things to you, blame God. But do not die a drug addict or a prostitute.

Not until you stop and return to your childhood days, not until you stop and start living in time, life will only make things worst for you. Travelling to a new country will not make live better, getting married will not make life better, going to church will not make life better. I have a testimony for you when it comes to going to Church. I went crazy in Church.

Not until you change your mindset and start loving you and not listening to what everyone is saying about you or trying to be like everyone else. There are people that will love you for being you. Get back to that child, find out were that child was trying to go. Where is that child, people can only love and take care of that child.

Let us try to round up on this, do not do to others what they did to you, this will just leave you regretful. There are very interesting people out, find them, make friends with them, fall in love with some of them and make through live happy. Do not let people use your past to blame you, to tell you the honest truth, they have done some pretty shit themselves, and do not let those that saw when you could not do all the things you could not do take you back in being what you once were. You are not there any more and that is your reality, that is what matters, that is what counts.

If you have any thing to add up then just do that in the comment section below.




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