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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

The Only Way To Get A Search Ranking On Google In 2018 (Complete Search Engine Ranking Guide For Blogger Beginners)

Being found on the internet these days is becoming more and more impossible. 


Big brands with large budgets to spend on advertisement have eaten all the spots on search engines like google, yahoo, bing, social media sites like facebook, twitter, pinterest.

Gone are the days when the internet just started and people were excited to see just anything on it.

You could post any scrape, copy from others and still end up getting some quality traffic back to your blog.

After people have been scammed several times, they are very careful as to whom they are reading not to talk of buying from.

People use to post a 450 word article and end up on the front page of google for the keyword of their choice.

Nowadays I have seen people writing 7000 word articles to gain all the juicy spots on google for their targeted keyword.

These days not only has the internet moved from the alpha to beta version, even search engines have created penalties penalizing blogs with copy content, thin content and many more, people have even learned how to protect their emails with software, facebook and twitter are flooded with stars and big giants.

Here you come with your little idea and also want to gain a spot on the online and even think of becoming rich like most of the success stories goes.

We are going to start with the bad news and then move to the good news.

Why most of you end up never becoming rich blogging?

You have a great idea about something you have learned in school, a charming life story, a life experience no one can resist, an idea everyone will like to learn from.
With all this juicy content, you ended up never being found on the internet.

What you want to do is dump on the internet spend your money on any opportunity out there promising you internet traffic, post content the way you want, in fact you want to be like, let me do anything.

To tell you the truth, there are rules that have to be followed strictly.

How to be found on the internet?

When you just arrive on the internet trying to promote anything you have there, these are the following new words you have to add to your vocabulary.

  • Internet traffic: Unlike road traffic that we all hate, you know waiting for several minutes’ even hours just to drive your car to work, back home or to a party, internet traffic is what you are looking for. This defines the number of people that visit and are active on your blog.
  • Niche: Just like the animal niche that defines the habitat of a particular animal species; in the internet world what you write about is known as niche.
  • Competitors: These are people that are found in your niche. So both of you are trying to rank for the keyword best cheap puppy food (2018)
  • Search engine optimization (seo): This is the process of getting traffic from search engines. It is the broadest and most effective ways when it comes to online marketing.
  • Backlinks: This refers to the number of domains your domain is linked to. There exist 2 types known as inbound links that requires you to interlink your posts and outbound links which come from a totally different domain which also exist in 2 types known as no and do follow links.
Page rank (pr): Search engines rank sites on a scale from 1 - 10.

  • Keywords: These are terms people type on search engines to get information. There exist 2 types, namely short tail keywords example local business and long tail keywords for example ideas on how to promote a local business (that works).
  • Content marketing: This involves promoting your content on other blogs and websites.
  • Guest posting: Here you will have to write post for other bloggers.
  • Article marketing: With this one you will have to write articles of at least 450 words and submit them to article directories like ezine.
Video marketing: Here you will have to create videos and upload them to video sites for example youtube.

  • Blog directory submission: There are many sites that will list your blog on their website. Most of them will take between a space of 3 weeks to several months to check and see if your blog has appropriate content for their website.
  • Social media marketing: This involves being active on social media sites especially facebook, twitter, pinterest thesedays.
  • Blog commenting: This involves posting comments on other blogs. A good tip here is to make sure the blog has a high pr, found in your niche and make interesting comments agreeing or denying a fact.
  • Forum posting: This requires you to either answer or post threads.
  • Question and answer (Q&A) sites: Just like forums here you will have to answer or post questions.
If you're quick to notice all the above methods are ways on how to promote your content online.

But we are going to be looking at 1 seo.

We are going to start with search engine seo. 

This involves making your blog being found on the 1st 10 results of search engines.

Step one

Keyword research: When it comes to searching for word phrases to get information, google is the king it has a hooping 75% of all the searches performed on the internet.
It's becoming mission impossible to rank for just any thing on google these days.

2018 Advanced Keyword Research Strategy (Step By Step Guide)

Say you want to write about how to better take care of home flowers, best ideas on how to have a mind blowing wedding, best ideas on how to cook a special dish or any other thing you have there fill free to add it to the comment section of this post.

What you want to do is take some time and visit and read blogs, Wikipedia articles, newspapers, listen to local news...

What you are going to find out is that some blog owners have created a unique word to describe a method or technique for example SKY SCRAPER TECHNIQUE and MOVING MAN METHOD created by Brian Dean.

I will give you a quick summary of the sky scraper technique in action.

You are going to find thin and poorly constructed content that you can better.

If you find such content, all you have to do is change the title and write well detailed content addressing the situation and post it on your blog.

This technique has become even more effective with the development of google rankbrain.

What is google rankbrain?

It is a new update that rank sites based on the time users spend on that site.
So if users find your content more useful that others based on time spend on site, google will give that piece of content a rank boost.

Also make sure to share such content as much as you can to get ahead of your competitors.

You are going to find out content that catch user experience by the number of shares and comments they get. 

This will give you an idea as to what to write about in your pillar content.

What is a pillar content?

In order to get the roots of your blog on the ground, you need to write at least 2 well detailed content.

This 2 content will require you to do allot of research based on your niche, add images, videos, resources where people can verify what you are saying by so doing you can gain their trust.

This is where most blogger gurus have lost many of you. They gained all the traffic, shares and email subscribers from their pillar content and then they just started posting content to keep their blog alive and make some money in the course.

Viral Content Marketing Strategy

If you succeed to make your pillar content go viral then your hard work stops right here.

What is viral content marketing?

This is a process whereby you get people start talking about what you have written through comments and social shares known as social signals.

How to do viral content marketing?

First you make it appealing to its readers to prompt them to comment and share. You can add aid factors like please share this to your friends if you found it interesting, help me spread the good news, comment on this to let me know of anything we can add, leave a comment if you want more from me.

Then go ahead share it to your entire social media network. You can share it multiple times on facebook and twitter so people can see it repeatedly. 

Then you want to find any piece of work relating to that content facebook groups and fan pages, twitter trends, forum threads, news items, questions, blog posts and then become active on them directing people to your post.

I will advise you give this some hard work and exercise some patience since if done correctly will take away the stress of boring keyword research and link building process.

But this post will open many of your eyes as to what is going on on making money on the internet.

Keyword research strategy guide for googlers

What is googlers?

These are people that are addicted to get information on google using specific search querries.

Here is a list of what they are busy searching on google

cheap online cars + coupon

Cheap online clothes + discount

free ways to grow an online business (step by step guide)

how to get out of depression fast "please help"

I also found another interesting phrase people are using trying to relate to facebook 
known as facebookies.
What is facebookies?

This are people that are addicted to facebook, post regularly, have many friends and some of them are even making money on facebook.

How to become a facebooky?

All you have to do is follow topics that are hot on facebook, post regularly and interesting topics and make friends like crazy.

There is a reason why I'm defining all the new terms that people might need to ask question about.

Google has the what, why, when and how section found on their front page.
So defining new words about your product might just end up giving you that special spot on google and in return tons of traffic.

Watching local news and reading newspapers will help you to find out about local words used maybe only in a village, city, country for example boys in Cameroon called their girlfriends chap, ndam and girls called their boyfriends personal person, friends call each other pady man and children call their mothers rame, old girl, old woman, fathers rape, old man, old boy. In Germany boys call their girls chaja, fathers vater kopf and mothers mutter kopf.

You don't have to repeat what I have said here just find your own newly created words that are not found in the dictionary and common words used in your village, city and country.

You can even create a home dictionary on these words and post it on your blog. It might just end up working the magic on google when people are always trying to know what the hell these words mean.

With Wikipedia pages, you want to head over to google keyword planner and post the url of that page on the url section of google keyword planner.

This will give you unique keywords your competitors have no idea on.
Write well detailed articles targeting the group of keywords you have collected.

Backlink Building

To make the most out of backlinks, you have to consider how search engines especially google rates the number of outbound links your blog gets.

It is known that getting 1 backlink from an authorative site say pr 8 is worth getting 1000 from low pr sites say pr 0, edu and gov sites are also very authoritative backlinks.
All the methods listed above will help you get backlinks. But make sure when commenting on blogs, you pay attention to their pr and make sure they are found in your niche since that might just end up landing you some targeted traffic.

Best youtube seo practice (2018)

Youtube is the 2nd biggest search engine in the world and its power to get you some quality traffic can't be ignored.

So how do you get your video viewed by the millions of people fighting on youtube daily?

Youtube has 3 sections that can really help you when it comes to youtube seo.

Title: Say you want to write about how you escape from domestic violence.

Don't just say how I escape from domestic violence.

Try and get out the emotions about domestic violence.

You might say something like narrow escape to domestic violence, how I escaped from a scary man, how I succeeded to leave the dangers of domestic violence. You can add yours in the comment section below. These are just mine so you get the picture.

Tags: These are keywords people will search on youtube or other search engine to get to your video or audio. Try and mix it with long tail and short tail keywords.

So your video is still domestic violence don't just put on the tags domestic violence add something like this how to notice creepy and scary men, cure to domestic violence, you can still make it out of domestic violence, signs of domestic violence, effects of domestic violence...

By so doing you are giving variety to any one that might be searching about such topic.
Description: Don't just write here how I left the man that was maltreating me.

Tell the whole story.

You can even start from the day you met this man, what you thought about him, the dreams you had with him, your 1st date impressions on this man, what happened before he started hitting on you, what made you come to that decision to leave him.

This can help in your search ranking on google.

If you have understood and done all that I have said above your product should already be ready for the world.

Encouragement And Inspiration

I'm not a beginner like you.

I have been blogging since 2011.

But I'm still interested in growing the children.

I will not start talking here about dark hat seo like I find others doing.

What you have found out might not be as great as nuclear bomb it might be as important as how to trained yourself to always get morning jogs or as little as how to keep your home garden clean.

Or maybe you are trying to promote your local bar, hair dressing saloon, barber shop, food house and little tips.

Send it out there and with the help I have provided above you might get some attention.

Don't ignore the power of the internet today to make you rich and even famous.


Most people will tell you write great content.

Writing great content is good but without traffic it's useless.

Some will even tell you the number of times the said keyword is supposed to be found on the post.

You know in the title and 3 times throughout the article.

That is not true; I have seen articles with the said keyword found just once.
And writing under such rules might make the article uninteresting.

That thing you want to get all the information about a said topic and write an interesting article.

It is said write for the people not for search engines, if people love what they are reading, they will spread the good news for you that will end you up some backlinks and more traffic.

Take some time do research and then start, make some mistakes and learn from them.
Blogging is a long term investment.

If you read all the success stories online most successful bloggers will tell you it wasn't asp.

Don't be too hard on yourself; don't spend your money on the so called seo experts.
Create the blog write some reader appealing content on the blog keep creating quality backlinks to the blog as you read other blogs.

Don't scare your new users away by bombarding them with ads trying to make money.
First of all try to create a lasting relationship with them by answering their questions found in the comment section of your blog and some right into your inbox.

Let people steal your content. Don't put any strict copy right laws on your content.
What you want to do is place links directing them to other post. Some of them will place the article with the link on their blogs, landing you some juicy backlinks and traffic.

Be hard working and patient and one day it will just happen like that.


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