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Friday, 25 December 2015

Viperchille ''My Favorite Site For Seo And Niche Idea''

Viperchille is correctly spelled viperchill. Other posible misspelling include vipperchille, vipperchil, viperchil. If you read my last blog post ''Annexation Of Wrongly Spelled Keywords.)

Then this should be of no surprise to you.

Viperchill or vipperchille, vipperchil, viperchil is a site owned by a guy named Glen Allsop.

On this site Glen gives his findings about seo, affiliate marketing, and he just started something that I enjoy allot known has niche ideas.

Where he teaches people which niche angles to tackle when creating a new blog or when trying to increase their audience.

His post is not the regular 450 words.

They're very lengthy some up to 6000 words.

I have been able to create over 100 post from his niche ideas.

Why write about viperchille, vipperchille, vipperchil, viperchil?

Head over to google and type these words.

Viperchille will return 6 results, vipperchille no results, vipperchil 27 results and viperchil 187 results.

viperchille, vipperchille, vipperchil, viperchil

Then head over to google keyword planer tool and type the word viperchill.

It has over 1300 monthly searches. 

viperchille, vipperchille, vipperchil, viperchil

How did I come up with viperchille, vipperchille, vipperchil, viperchil?

I was trying to head over to viperchill then I misspelled them. That is when I found out the shocking results.

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