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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Living In Kumba City

Cameroon is a small country located in the centre of Africa.


It has a population of about 16 million people largely involved in small scale Agriculture for home use.

It has a total of 256 Ethnic groups each with a different language known locally by the people as country talk for example bayangi.

Each with a different food known as country chop.

Cash crops include Cocoa and coffee.

It's people are called Cameroonians.

It is ruled and governed by a president.

It is divided into provinces which are 10 of them.

Kumba city is one of the major cities found in the Southwest province of Cameroon.

Kumba City

It has a mixture of Cameroonians of all tribes and a fear amount Of Nigerians known as the Ibo people.

Other big cities in the Southwest of Cameroon include Buea, Limbe.

Living in Kumba city can be divided into the following.

National Security

National Security In Kumba City

Each Cameroonian citizen have an identity card (id) and foreigners have a resident permit that have to be renewed from time to time until they can get a permanent resident permit.

There is a police station to solve home conflicts, Theft, land related issues and other little conflicts like fighting.

It also have a duty to solve national unrest like strikes since it has many of them each year.

It has a customarily court and even a high court.

It has an Amy base and other forms of national security uniform people.


Education In Kumba City

The system of education in Cameroon begins from a pre nursery known in Germany as ''Kinder Garden,'' where children aged 2 go and learn how to count (123...) how to pronounce the letters of the alphabet (abc...) and a nursery school where children aged 3-4 are expected to start analysing simple Mathematical problems like 1+1 and simple word combinations like one, two... This last for two years. If a chid is very good in this section, he/she is rewarded in the next education chain.

The next level is primary school.

It is made up of 7 classes known as class 1-7

If a child was good in nursery school, he/she begins with class 2.

Since nursery school is a luxury available only to the rich most parents send their children to the primary school level at age 5-6.

At the end of the 7th year, pupils are expected to go in for the first public exam known as Common Entrance and First School Living Certificate.

Law and order is kept by head boy or head girl, teachers and a head master or mistress .

Common primary school in Kumba city include

- Gps

- Kumbambeng

And many more government and private institution.

Pupils become students in the next educational system known as the secondary and high school.

The secondary school is made up of 5 classes known as form 1-5.

Form 1-3, every student is expected to do all the subjects of both arts and science.

In form 4-5 they are allowed to decide whether to go in for sciences or arts.

In form 5, they go in for the second public exam known as O levels.

Where registered students are allowed to go in for a total number of 11 papers and are expected to have at least 4 papers with a c grade to enter the next level of education.

The next level has a total of 2 classes known as Lower sixth and upper sixth.

Here students go in for a maximum of 5 subjects known as series.

The series include complete science, complete arts and social science.

In upper sixth students take a third public exam known as A levels.

Here students most have a total of 2 papers with at least a d grade.

Students are kept under control through a system of hierarchy

- Class prefects

- School prefects

- Teachers

- Discipline master

- Senior Discipline master

- Vice principal and principal

Complete third educational system in Kumba city include

- Ccas kumba

- GBHS kumba

- PHS kumba

- BHS kumba...

Ccas kumba being the most popular.

Ccas kumba is located in buea road

Ccas kumba has a well structured educational system including a science Laboratory.

Ccas kumba is the most populated government school in kumba.

Successful A level candidates are allowed to enter the university.

kumba has non.


Food In Kumba City

Kumba is a very cultural land with different types of home and commercial food.

Most common food include

- Rice and stew

- Garri and okro soap

- water fufu and ero

- burning fish

- soya

Water fufu and ero is the most popular and commercial food not only to the people of Kumba but to the entire Cameroonian population.

It got its origin from the bayangi people located in the southwest of Cameroon.

This is how water fufu and ero is prepared, served and eaten.


- fufu from fermented cassava

- ero a wild leave that just grow in the bush

- water leave mostly planted and cultivated

- salt

- pepper

- bonga dried fish

- red oil (made from palm nuts)

- nganga, crew fish (little special type of dried fish)

- cow beef (snells, niamangoro)

- Cander (cow skin)

- Maggi


First you boil the meat and cow skin.

Then you add the bonga to it.

Make sure to wash the meat and cander before boiling so that you will not have to throw away the water it was used to cook with since it is very tasty.

Then add the water leave, at this stage salt pepper, maggi and crew fish is also added.

Leave the combination to boil for some time, then ero and red oil is added.

After some time, the ero pot is ready.

Fufu is placed in typical African Iron pots, water added to it and mixed for some time.

Then it is placed on local African fire made up of 3 stones and fire wood.

Stirred gradually until the fufu becomes a kind of hard.

There is a reason I said a kind of hard, not as head as a stone.

Water fufu and ero is served in 2 separate dishes, 1 flat pan and one bowl.

The fufu is served in the flat pan while the ero in the bowl.

Water fufu and ero is preferably eaten with the heads.

If you're a Cameroonian in Germany looking for a water fufu and eru receipt, then just go to the Haupt Bahn Hoff area and you will get it.


Health In Kumba City

Unlike the traditional method of health commonly practiced in Cameroon, Kumba as a modern health system including government and private hospitals.

Job and Employment

Job And Employment In Kumba City

Kumba citizens are mostly self employed selling in their own shops in the market, street corners and hocking.

Some people own farms and often employ people to do clearing, planting and harvesting.

Travel agencies also have jobs for the people, where they are employed as bus drivers, pack boys.

Most women are involved in selling food in public places and street corners.

Jobs are also available in banking systems, state and private owned offices.

Fun and Leisure

Fun And Leisure In Kumba City

There're many local food ball and school games organised each year.

Business meetings.

Beer houses.

Cultural dance groups.


Tourism In Kumba City

Kumba has a lake known as lake Barombi.

Lake Barombi Mbo

But most tourist enjoy to visit schools, cultural groups and houses.

Kumba city is not a bad town, everyone can get a fear and stable live in it.

Like in any other town in any part of the world there're the goods and the bads.

But don't go about disturbing people and safety is guarantied.

That's all about kumba city any one with more information, comments and critics is welcome to add, but make sure to use appropriate language since any explicit content will be deleted with no warning.

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