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Friday, 25 September 2015

Understanding How Pinterest Works ( making money on pinterest)

Let's try to use experience to get every body to benefit from a traffic machine like pinterest.

We're going to try to get every pinterest users to a money making machine on this one.

So for the gurus you will have to bare with me for licking the secret.

Or you can as well follow what I have to say here today.

Now that we have a story running, so what is pinterest?

Pinterest is basically a social media platform where you can add pictures and even videos especially gifs known as pins.

Your pins might either get liked or repined.

The power of your pins getting liked or repined will depend on your number of followers.

Through experience I found out pinterest has an amazing conversion rate of 50, 50.

Say you follow 100 people, you get 50 people follow you back.

That is fair right?

The policies of pinterest goes thous.

- You are allowed to follow a total of 390 members each hour

- You are allowed to get a business account after you have got a total of a 1000 members.

With a business account, you get pinterest analytic where you can start monitoring things like.

- Avg daily impressions

- Avg daily engagement

- Avg monthly impressions

- Avg monthly impressions

- Pins with the highest repines, likes, clicks and impressions.

This data is important in that, you will be able to know how you're progressing, know your best pins so you can further promote them.

- You're allowed to follow a total of 50,000 people.

Now lets get into some business.

I have been very active on pinterest since 2014.

I have seen people with lots of pins and little followers, I have seen people with many followers and few pins, I have seen people with a budge of followers and no pins, I have seen people who convert at a rate of 50, 50 and I have seen people who convert at a rate of 75, 25 and even 90, 10, and yet some people convert at 25, 75.

I have seen people with 100,000+ followers and yet no website, blog or even an affiliate link to get some money from.

While bottom line these people are in the show but they're missing the fun.

In each pin you have a section where they say ''visit website.''

And further more when a website, blog or an affiliate link is attached to a pin, if that pin is clicked the person drops directly to that website, blog or affiliate like.

Wandering how do I create a website, I heard website cost allot of money through designing, programming and java scripting.

Then create you a simple free blog by blogger, WordPress and many more.

What can I write about?

You can start by re-posting your pins and then from your audience you will get ideas what to write about.

How do I make money?

You can use google adsense, infolinks, heard over to click bank and get you an affiliate link.

Awake or sleepers.

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