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Saturday, 7 November 2015

How To Increase Conversion Rate On pinterest (conversion Rate Optimization)

How to increase conversion rate on pinterest is a very important and common question to modern bloggers.

If you are an online marketer, then you must have understood that each time they are talking about conversion rate, then they are talking about increasing sales.

Well if you want to learn how to increase conversion rate on pinterest, then you have to forget about sales, we are talking here about followers.

Pinterest is a social media site like facebook, twitter...

Unlike facebook and twitter where people are busy posting short messages, on pinterest you post pictures

Like all the other social media sites, you have to learn how pinterest works.

Pinterest is dominated by females.

What does that tell you?

If you want to increase your conversion rate on pinterest, then you need you know what a female audience is after.

Pinterest is known for its high referral rate.

It has more referral rate than twitter and facebook.

It is not a waste of time to learn how to increase conversion rate on pinterest.

Talking about conversion rate, there are people with a 10,  90% conversion rate.

What is a 10, 90% conversion rate?

Such people might be following 1000 and just 100 followers in return.

If you get that, don't get happy it's sad.

There are people with 50, 50%.

They might be following 1000 people and have 500 followers in return.

This is not bad.

They are known as intermediate on pinterest.

Then you have people with a 75, 25%.

These people might follow say 1000 people and have 750 followers in return.

These are known as the experts on pinterest.

Becoming an expert on pinterest is simple.

You just need to know what you are dealing with.

- Who to follow: I will like to elaborate on this.

You can't be promoting modelling pictures on pinterest, have a modelling blog and then you are busy following home garden fans.

- Your target audience.

- Types of pins.

- Website or blog owner.

All that said, we were just trying to know how to increase conversion rate on pinterest.

This is how.

Whether you are blogging on ''how to make people visit my new blog''

When you get on pinterest, you have to know that you are dealing with a female audience.

So maybe you want to add some girly thing there.

Instead of how to make people visit my new blog, maybe you want to start pinning pictures about how to make people visit my new fashion blog.

Also try to be targeted.

Don't promote a pin on how to make people visit my new blog and then follow people promoting kitchen utensils.

If you are trying to promote such a blog, then you want to follow people that are interested in knowing how to blog or other related topics.

When people started writing about popular social media sites like facebook and twitter, they found out that teaching others how to work on these sites gave the post more attention.

So if you are working on pinterest, then promoting a post such as how to increase conversion rate on pinterest will definitely get more conversion.

Pinterest have been known for its refferal power.

Better than twitter and facebook.

Learning how to increase conversion rate on pinterest is not a vain process.

One of your pins can go viral creating allot of attention for you.

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