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Sunday, 25 October 2015

The Complete Beginner's Guide To Optimize Your Blog For Other Search Engines

Seo (search engine optimization) is a very huge industry on the internet.

Infact it is a multi million dollar industry.

Now the reason for this article ''the complete beginner's guide to optimize your blog for other search engines,''

Didn't just came from a days thought it came from a 4 years experience.

Heard over to google, type the keyword ''seo''

You will fine individuals known as seo experts, companies promising you heaven.

Try to buy say 3 of these products from a seo expert or a company.

I'm not saying you should buy.

That's if you are Thomas.

You will fine out that all of them are telling you the same thing.

Try to do all what they are telling you.

You might end up with just a daily total visit of 20.

This is not even close to making money online.

There are free content that will provide you with more relevant information that delivers results than these paid methods.

Head over to backlinko

Brian Dean, this guy knows what he is saying and most of his content are free.

He does have a course though ''known as seo that works''

You can enrol.

But first try to read his free content.

And maybe this gets you where you want to be online.

Blogging have been gruadually taken seriously by many.

After hearing people are making a 6 figure blogging at the comfort of their homes writing what they love.

Million of people have jump into the blogging field.


You can make 6 figure doing what you love.


- It take some hard work.

- Time

- Allot of patience

When you fall on a blog that the owner is proud of making 6 figure, then don't get excited immediately.

Ask them their success story.

Some if not all will love to tell you what they have gone through.

You will fine out that

- most of them have been blogging for a very long time

- have created and deleted blogs without number

- made many fatal mistakes.

Then due to persistence and stick ability, one day boom they got traffic.

Now that we have a story rolling, lets get back to business.

Today we will be talking about ''the complete beginner's guide to optimize your blog for other search engines.''


If you don't know facebook is the king of social media.

This site have million if not billion of people fidgeting around posting photos, news, videos, chatting with friends, family, colleques, managing business and even buying and selling products.

It is but normal that it is getting billion of search each day.

Make sure you complete your profile, with a description and a real photo of you.

This will create trust.

When posting

- make sure you insert keywords in the post.

-  use harshtags (#howtomakepeoplevisitmynewblog)

That's how it looks like.


Don't pack the whole post with keywords as this will make it uninterested.

You want the post to get likes and shares when people fine it.


Twitter is the second largest and popular social media sites.

People hag around here tweeting, checking tweets from their favorite stars, news tweets.

Just like facebook,

- insert keywords in your tweets.

- Keep it interesting

- Use harshtags

Here you want to get people to retweet and favorite your content.


Tweet a blog post, picture, video, news feed more than once to get maximum response.


Reddit is the largest news site on the internet.

People spend time here reading news feed.

You can get search results here as while as fine unique keywords and article ideas.


It is the second largest search engine.

After inserting tags to your video, add some keyword in the description section.


To get more views, make sure you keep the video short (at most 4 minutes.)


Dominated by women.

Known for its addictive nature.

Women are known to be highly addictive.

People spend time here

- pinning

- repining

- liking photos known as pins.

Most common pins are foodstuffs, fashion...

Just try to think what a social media platform with a huge female audience will have and then you get the picture.

People also use it search bar often.

Google has the potential of bringing huge organic traffic to your newly created blog as while as these other social media sites.

With google,

- you need to do more work

- create backlinks

- do keyword research.

- high competition.

Try these other method and maybe you get lucky and one of your tweet, youtube video, facebook status update, reddit post, pin goes viral.

This will generate you allot of traffic.

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