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Thursday, 22 October 2015

How To Make People Visit My New Blog/Website

You have created a blog/website.

And now you have this question for the world.

How to make people visit my new blog/website?

Some people create a blog/website just for fun, some to earn some extra income, some as a full time job.

In either case, you need people to visit that blog/website before it will make any sense.


You can get thousands of people or even hundred of thousands of people to stumble on your blog/website on a daily basis.


It takes some time, patient, tolerance, and above all hard work.

When you search for the phrase ''how to make people visit my new blog'' say on google.

You're going to be faced with allot of people teaching you how to get blog/website traffic.

Now you will never stop hearing the following no matter where you go.

- Write and submit articles

- Submit videos

- Participate in forums

- Be active on social media like facebook, twitter...

All these approach to get blog/website traffic are all good.

But what these people are not telling you is, writing articles and submitting them to article directories, submitting videos is like creating a blog/website.


They need promotion too just as a blog/website needs.

Is like getting inside a hole to help someone already in the hole.

Participating in forums, just one person might need the answer to the said question.

Gaining social presence on popular social media sites like faceboot and twitter these days.

Is no play thing.

We have heard about big brands that are on facebook, they have the budget to spend on facebook ads.

Stars are on facebook they have the whole facebook population on their side.

At this level let's not call this article ''how to make people visit my new blog''

Let's get out of the box and call it ''how to get blog/website traffic''

Gone are the days when people just found out about the internet, they were excited to receive mails.

They will subscribe to your mail list even if they don't like what you are sharing.

Gone are the days of 2003 google when you could drop a 100 word article and rank for any keyword.

The internet is now a wild field.

Google has known its relevance.

Social media are eaten up by the gurus.

People now even protect their email address with softwares.

So how do you get blog/website traffic?

In the internet traffic world, there is something known as SEO (search engine optimization)

The target here is google

Google is the biggest search engine in the world.

People have been known to spend huge budgets on this.

The seo company online is a multi million dollar company.

Why spend money on something that need just your common sense.

Seo companies have even try to modernized the seo world leading even more people astray.

They say you have to focus now on social share like facebook likes and shares, twitter retweets, google +1.

What they are not telling you is?

To get this, you need a huge follow in these social media sites.

Basically, when seo started it involves creating backlinks, get high rankings on google, do keyword research.

It has not change from that.

In order to get your blog/website recognized and get high rankings on google, you will need to create backlinks.

In order to make the most out of your rankings you will need to know keywords your target company will be searching (known as your niche).

Getting high rankings on google is not asap.

You will have to create backlinks slowly since if any rapid increase of backlinks to a new website/blog will raise google alarms.

This might end you a penalty.

People will even tell you how to place keywords in an article.


No one knows how the google bots pick up these keywords.

Write an article on task.

And the right keywords will fine their way on google.

Write an article for the people and not for search engines.

If google notices a huge amount of social shares, comments on an article, it will definitely rank it high.

Your target is to be found on the 1st page of google.

1st 10 results.

Why not 1st results.

Lets try to prepare you for that.

1st things 1st, you want to choose you a niche that you are interested in and even possibly love.

This is going to help you in your writing.

Now go to google.

And type a keyword related to that niche say ''how to get blog/website traffic''

Google is going to provide you with the monthly search.

Let the number of the monthly search not scare or intimidate you.

What you want to do is go through the articles on the front page and watch the dates they were posted.

You will fine out that most of them are there since say 2010.

Some of them are even poorly written and outdated.

Come out with latest updates.

Modifies these articles.

Post them on your blog/website.

Share them on social media sites to get google's attention on them.

With the right amount of backlinks and google rank, you might get all the way to the google front page and even 1st result.

Why did I come up with such an idea?

I have been blogging since 2011.

Today I went into some research.

I went to google and typed the following keywords.

''how to make people visit my new blog/website''

''how to increase my blog/website traffic''

''how to get blog/website traffic''

''blog/website traffic''

All the people with articles on these results are different from what I saw 4 years ago.

All of them are either saying the same thing or trying to pull your legs.

Getting traffic from google is your best bit if you want to enjoy the fun of seeing people reading and sharing to the world what you have to say.

It gets even better in that you can make money doing this.

Now you have got some people that visit your blog/website.

What do you do with them?

You want to create a relationship with them.

You want to make them subscribe to your blog.

You want to make them share your content.

How do you do this?

Don't brain watch them.

Give out most of your findings free.

Yes free.

If they find out that what you are giving out for free, is what they have been paying for, they will love you.

When I just started blogging, this post that you are reading free, I bought it for 99$

Don't bomb them with all types of ads, pop ups, pop unders, what ever you have there.

Your goal is to gain their loyalty.

To compensate for your hard work, you can rap your best idea in a cd, dvd, pdf and offer it for an affordable prise.

Make sure its worth it.

When people love what they see, they will spread the news.

Or head over to clickbank and pick you a product that is in your niche and earn some commission.

When creating backlinks, make sure you create them on sites that already have a high ranking on google, since they have value.

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