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Saturday, 2 May 2015

2015 Local Search Engine Optimization Marketing (SEO)

Why does he call this 2015 Local Search Engine Optimization Marketing why don't you just call it Search Engine Optimization!

Now if that is your problem or if that is your question, then give me a minute to explain.

Gone are the days when people where excited to receive emails, gone are the days where you could rank for just any thing on the internet.

Now there are 2 million blog posts made every single day.

And mind you the big guns who have the budget to spend also go in for the same keyword that you are trying to rank for.

So if you start a blog on search engine optimization and you are trying to rank for the keyword search engine optimization or seo, then your chances are very slim if you will have any.

This is where 2015 local search engine optimization marketing comes in.

As life will always have it there is a way around everything.

When you start doing search on search engine optimization or seo, you will find everyone telling you to do the following things

- keyword research

- Create backlinks

What they are not telling you is how to do keyword research or how frustrating it is to build backlinks.

The process to get these 2 things done can overwhelm or even discourage you.

Let me try to encourage and inspire you, you do have to do keyword research and build some quality backlinks on high page rank sites.

But it feels great when you see some success in what you are trying to do.

The most common tool to do keyword research is known as Google Key Word Planner.

Now if you head over to Google Key Word Planner, and type search engine optimization, it will give you keywords that it is showing to everyone.

What you want to do is head over to the section where it requires you to enter a URL often seen as this

You can enter your website or blog there, you can enter your competitors website or blog, wikipadia pages, news feeds and articles there.

What this will give you are unique keywords related to that particular domain name.

Most of which are long tail keywords.

Choose at least 3 of them, head over to google again and enter those keywords.

Browse through the post on those keywords and see the ones you can better.

Then create your own post bettering the ones you found ranking for those keywords.

Now don't pray you get results from these posts.

Try and do some crazy sharing.

Sometimes you will find people ranking on the front page of google for very competitive keywords with poor content.

These are the people that enjoyed during the days where people where excited over the internet.

Now people are very careful as to what they are reading online and there are even softwares to protect the emails of people.

You want to show some expertise in what you are trying to teach people.

You can also head over to

Reddit is the largest news site on the internet.

They have some keywords even google doesn't have any idea about.

Type in your keyword on the search bar and see what you can find.

Then head over to google and type in what you have found.

If you see this page on google, no search results, then check on the monthly search, if it is over 1000 then go for it.

Pinterest is also a good source to get some quality and unique keywords. Just know that you still have to use their search bar with your keyword and get some other keyword ideas

The reason I came up with 2015 Local Search Engine Optimization Marketing is because I don't want to tell you to create thousands of backlinks, submit videos, make blog comments.

I have been blogging since 2010 and so I know how frustrating these things are when you do them and don't get results.

Many people will tell you create great content and post regularly. Well they are forgetting something.

Great content or posting regularly doesn't get traffic which is the gaol of online marketing.

Now don't get me wrong, your content have to be applying to people before they can engage in your content and help you do some sharing.

But of what use is beauty if there is no one to appreciate it.

For those of you that have Barber shops, great home gardening techniques, hair dressing shops, flowers shops, bars, Restaurants, art shops...

If you are sitting there hoping to get people to turn in big time, then you want to go into some online marketing.

I recently heard about this blogger millionaire Glen who is joining the groups on facebook on each city he wants to visit.

Does that tell you how the internet is crazy to people these days.

People are trying to check on what is going down on facebook even when they are in the Toilet.

Head over to facebook create a page, group or both and advertise your little home garden.

You will be shocked of the number of people that will be interesting to know how come you get those big Tomatoes.

Human beings are known to be Psychological creatures, someone might not visit your hair dressing shop just because they have not found it on the internet (facebook).

Don't say I just have a bar that Mr John and his wife always show up on Fridays and sometimes Saturdays and if I am lucky then the youths across the street show up.

People like places that something is always going down.

If you start having some strangers visiting your bar, this will raise eyeballs and you might see that even Peter that does not even look at your bar might start visiting it.

People are always hoping to find new people, make new friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, Business partners.

Try to know what people like some of which they are not telling it to anyone, go on the internet tell them this and they will love you for it.

Poverty is out of fashion, humans have got so intelligent to be poor feels weird.

Quite complaining learn your world, your kind, your environment, make use of it and get you some nice car and a pretty lady.

That is the end of my story

If you enjoy reading this then email me @

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