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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

4 Tips To Increase Your Small Business Sales Online For Free

Many people own small businesses known as local businesses.

Local businesses are businesses found in a particular village, town or city.

Such businesses also include local people trying to promote what they have found out like grow better garden vegetables, make children love school, better treat their wives or husband. 

Even your local women and men meetings can also be seen as local business.

Such businesses are bound to suffer from very poor customer attendance.

Most of them close down due to boring customer appearance or lack of funs.

Some have gone back to the old method of distributing fliers.

This is a very ineffective method since it has to be drop in the mail box of each house.

The problem here is how many houses can you drop these fliers and how consistent can you be.

The internet is the most effective way to promote a small business online.

On todays post users are going to be learning the following.

How to use twitter to promote a small business online for free

How to use facebook to promote a small business online for free

How to use blogger to promote a small business online for free

How to use pinterest to promote a small business online for free

This is what you are going to find out.

Cities, villages, towns receive allot of visitors from other villages, cities and towns.

Some of them are tourist, friends, relatives, business people or just enjoying a country.

Non of these people go about checking mail boxes.

What they do is go on the internet.

How to use facebook to promote a small business online for free

If you are on facebook, then you already know what is going on there.

People are busy chating with friends, keeping updates on their favorite stars, games, movies...

What you are also going to find out or know facebook offers its users the opportunity to create a page or group which is completely manage by them.

Create a page or group about your local business say pizza shops in badvilbel, american meeting houses in frankfurt, african diches in badvilbel.

The best way to promote a page or group on facebook for free is by inviting your friends and requesting they also invite their friends.

What you want to do is update this group or page as frequently as possible.

If someone get in a place where your local business is found.

Say they are checking out men's meeting or women's meeting in badvilbel on facebook and your group or page happen to show up they will definitely call, email and possibly visit your local business.

Make sure to have an email box you always check and answer questions, working phone number, address to your local business.

How to use twitter to promote your local business online for free

Twitter is known as a mini blogger platform where users are allowed to post shot messages.

With twitter you need followers and people also have to follow you back.

Don't just go about following anyone that won't make any sense.

Say you have found out how to make children love school.

Use twitter search and search for organisations, individuals offering better parental advice.

Then go to their followers and follow the people there.

After you have had a good follow up, start tweeting short messages about your local business or your findings.

Twitter will give you the opportunity to include emails and even landing pages on each tweet you make.

On your BIO you can also include the address of your local business.

How to use pinterest to promote a small business online for free

Pinterest is known to be the social media with the highest referal rate.

This is what you do on pinterest.

follow people

get followers

post pictures known as pins

Follow targeted people.

Don't be promoting better garden flower ideas and busy following people promoting nude pictures.

With each pin you have the ability to include a description where you can include an email, phone number, village, city or town address.

What you need is repins and followers.

Make rich pins about your local business attractive to the eye.

Women stuffs like fashion, food, wedding do pretty well on pinterest.

How to use blogger to promote a small business online fro free

Blogger is like a website owned by google.

With blogger you live under the themes and design of google.

You have the ability to manipulate with the css and html codes to saute your style and taste.

Very dangerous though since any mistake will lead to broken links, very slow loading.

It is advisable to use the one given to you by google.

You can do every thing on blogger.

It is free, no annual domain fees.

post videos, pictures, write articles with lengths of your choice.

Create short videos, write articles take photos of your local business and post on blogger.

Here come the hard part.

The biggest topic online known as internet traffic.

Companies, individuals spend huge sums of money promoting their business with google adwords, facebook ads, twitter ads.

Being found by search engines in a process known as seo (search engine optimzation) is also a very difficult and frustrating process since large industries have eaten all the front page of google.

With blogger you get a link.

You can send this link to your facebook friends, email it to your twitter and pinterest followers which is the most effective way.

Or do it the hard way learn about seo.

Where you will have to learn how to create backlinks, do keyword research.

I have a couple of posts that will help you go through that.

Facebook Mentorship For Business


The neighborhood you are living in is getting as many visitors as you can think of. 

The problem here is most of these people have just a few days for you.

How do you keep getting such people?

When they get to a city and are looking for cultural groups, favorite spots, food. 

They turn to the internet.

When we talk about the internet we are talking about google, facebook and twitter.

Get your local business out there and watch the magic happen.

Don't go about trying to make money when people have not even trusted you.

Most of them will run as fast as they came.

With blogger you are going to see allot of opportunities to make money online like google adsense, amazon, ignore that rather focus on getting internet traffic.

When you get loyal readership you can even start an online store.

In all it takes some time and patience.


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