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Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Hollywood stars say they are stunned by mismanaged set in fatal prop-gun shooting

Professionals in the film industry say they're baffled by the circumstances, and production crews have quickly stepped up safety measures. The shooting on the set of the Rust killed Halyna Hutchins.

Japan's Princess Mako loses royal status after marrying a commoner

Mako has taken the surname of her husband and become Mako Komuro — the first time she has had a family name. In Japan's imperial family, only male members are given household names.

The coup in Sudan could threaten U.S. influence in a strategically important region

After overthrowing dictator Omar al-Bashir in 2019, Sudan's joint civilian-military transitional government seemed to be stabilizing the nation. Monday's coup took American officials by surprise.

Chappelle is unapologetic in his first public statement on 'The Closer' controversy

In a video posted to Instagram Monday, Dave Chappelle says he's willing to meet with Netflix employees who are upset over his comedy special, which has come under fire for transphobic material.

Read Dave Chappelle's response to backlash over Netflix comedy special 'The Closer'

In a video posted on Instagram, the comedian responds to backlash over his Netflix comedy special.

Monday, 25 October 2021

The cleaning triangle via /r/aww

Federal judge rejects bid to stop Washington vaccine mandate

via News

Mommmmm please tell the cat to sleep in her own bed 🥺 via /r/aww

Photogenic Pup at Lake Louise via /r/aww

It took me 31 hours to finish painting my pumpkins this year, but only seconds for a neighbor to come by and say “Aww” via /r/aww

German court sentences ISIS bride to 10 years in prison for allegedly letting Yazidi girl kept as slave die of thirst

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Miami private school reverses course on a 30-day quarantine for vaccinated students

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Alfred Hitchcock Refused To Meet Steven Spielberg When He Was Alive via /r/movies

Stray bullet kills young mom who was reading Bible to infant

via News

Robert Downey Jr. has reflected on his #MCU experience with a heartfelt 1000-word letter: "Tony might say: 'You're welcome.' I'll balance that with a boundless eternal: 'Thank you...'" via /r/movies

Michael Collins Remains an Irish Cornerstone 25 Years Later via /r/movies

My boy Charlie Brown had surgery and has to wear a onesie to protect the incision via /r/aww

Oklahoma Supreme Court blocks 3 new anti-abortion laws

via News

Multiple injuries reported in Boise city Mall shooting

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Christopher Nolan: ‘Dune’ Has One of the Greatest Blends of Practical and VFX Effects I’ve Ever Seen via /r/movies

Director Denis Villeneuve and Warner Bros. Want to Make ‘Dune: Part II.’ So Why Hasn’t the Sequel Been Announced Yet? via /r/movies

Do you know any sci-fi movies about "Cosmic Horror"?

Hi what i mean is something like "The Thing" where the horror element comes from alien organism that infests/infects our happy heroes.Something taking place on space station, newly discovered planet or good old Earth with slimy guests coming from the cosmic void.Creatures like Flood from Halo, Necromorphs from Dead Space and such.I'm interested into something more "sciency" than mystical so Cthulu sorry buddy not this time.TV series/shows are fine too if that's legal here to ask for.​Sorry if this post may sound demanding, help much appreciated. via /r/movies

Show HN: SQL Basics

Show HN: SQL Basics October 25, 2021 at 11:34PM

Amazon's warehouse workers in Staten Island file petition for union election

via News

Florida Gov. DeSantis recruits unvaccinated officers with cash bonus

via News

Dad in Ohio shoots son because he wouldn’t stop playing guitar, court docs say

via News

Texas man who fatally shot Moroccan man in unfamiliar car in driveway charged with murder

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A Couple Take On Invading Goblins In Jon Wright’s Irish Folk Horror Unwelcome – Exclusive Image via /r/movies

A historic storm brings heavy rain, flooding and mud flows to Northern California

Flooding was reported across the San Francisco Bay Area while the National Weather Service's Sacramento office warned of "potentially historic rain."

Jay Black, lead singer of pop group The Americans, dies at 82

The singer of Jay and the Americans was known as the voice in 1960s hits including "This Magic Moment" and "Come a Little Bit Closer."

The fatal shooting of Halyna Hutchins is prompting calls to ban real guns from sets

It isn't the first gun death on a set, but Hutchins' shooting has refocused attention on the safe use of firearms by the entertainment world and raised the question of whether they should be banned.

White House delays the release of secret JFK assassination records, citing COVID-19

A 1992 law called for all records surrounding the assassination to be made public, but the National Archives says it needs more time to review the files to ensure their release wouldn't cause harm.

Colombia has captured one of the world's most wanted drug lords, Dairo Antonio Úsuga

Dairo Antonio Úsuga, better known by his alias Otoniel, is the alleged head of the much-feared Gulf Clan. President Iván Duque likened his arrest to the capture three decades ago of Pablo Escobar.

Sunday, 24 October 2021

Former Saudi official calls Mohammed bin Salman a "psychopath," says Saudi crown prince fears what he knows

via News

Ex-Saudi official claims damaging intel against crown prince

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I put a jacket on my pup and I can’t get over how excited he is. via /r/aww

Show HN: Online editor to create animated SVG

Show HN: Online editor to create animated SVG October 25, 2021 at 02:46AM

D.C. assistant police chief says she was told to 'have an abortion or be fired'

via News


Show HN: Some Thoughts on Interfaces

Show HN: Some Thoughts on Interfaces October 24, 2021 at 10:28PM

Two SF Prosecutors Quit & Join Effort to Oust Former Boss, District Attorney Chesa Boudin

via News

Supporters of unvaccinated NBA star Kyrie Irving storm past barricades outside game

via News

Afghanistan hurtling toward collapse, Sweden and Pakistan say

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Body of missing 26-year-old Texas man found in Grand Teton National Park

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Heres my giant pet banana, Cornflake via /r/aww

James Michael Tyler, Actor Who Played Gunther on ‘Friends,’ Dies at 59

via News

Whistleblower says San Jose gave city contracts to ally of mayor

via News

Powerful storm hits California amid warnings of ‘potentially historic rain’

via News

Homeowner charged in slaying of motorist in his driveway

via News

2 children dead as vehicle plows into spectators at Texas drag racing event

via News

James Michael Tyler, Actor Who Played Gunther on ‘Friends,’ Dies at 59 via /r/movies

Nom nom nom via /r/aww

cat via /r/aww

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