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Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Show HN: – A Daily Dose of Diversion

Show HN: – A Daily Dose of Diversion September 28, 2021 at 11:56PM

Anchorage mayor blames vaccine mandates for hospital staff shortage. Hospitals say he's wrong.

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Helena Bonham Carter and Susan Wokoma Returning for ‘Enola Holmes’ Sequel - David Thewlis and Sharon Duncan-Brewster also join the Netflix film starring Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill via /r/movies

Mr Hedgehog : I'm gonna make you an offer you can't refuse 🎩 via /r/aww

My foster dog’s 40 day transformation via /r/aww

2 Top Federal Reserve Officials Retire After Trading Disclosures

Investments by Eric Rosengren and Robert Kaplan were permitted under the Fed's rules, but they raised at least the appearance of conflicts of interest, which Fed policy discourages.

Monday, 27 September 2021

3 Yellowstone wolves killed in first week of Montana hunt

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This is one smooth gorilla. via /r/aww

DA ‘Nearly Certain' That Cops Returning Gunfire Accidentally Killed Girl During H.S. Game

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Marine officer who blasted leaders over Afghanistan withdrawal now in the brig (Jail)

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Show HN: Crabz – A fast, cross platform, multi-format, tool inspired by pigz

Show HN: Crabz – A fast, cross platform, multi-format, tool inspired by pigz September 28, 2021 at 02:19AM

Dozens Of Massachusetts State Police Have Resigned Over A Vaccine Mandate, Union Says

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Finally got his own room! via /r/aww

Ken Griffin lied about Robinhood during GameStop congressional hearing

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Duck drama of the day via /r/aww

The Taliban Order Barbers Not To Shave Beards In Afghan Province Of Helmand

The edict says the ban is in line with Shariah, or Islamic, law. The world has been watching to see whether the Taliban will return to their strict governance of the late 1990s.

Senate Republicans Block Government Funding Bill In A Battle Over The Debt Limit

Republicans opposed the measure to suspend the federal borrowing limit, leaving the national government teetering on the brink of a partial shutdown.

Police Have Made An Arrest In The Killing Of Teacher Sabina Nessa In London

Nessa was found dead in a park. Her killing — as she walked just a few minutes from her home — fueled concerns that women aren't safe on the streets of Britain's capital.

Dozens Of Massachusetts State Police Have Resigned Over A Vaccine Mandate, Union Says

Under the governor's executive order, all executive department employees are required to show proof of vaccination by Oct. 17. Up to 20% of state police employees reportedly are not vaccinated.

FBI mole in crowd on Jan. 6, files show

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Judges Let NYC Schools Proceed With Vaccine Mandate for Educators

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New official poster for Ridley Scott's "The Last Duel" (2021), starring Matt Damon, Adam Driver, Ben Affleck, and Jodie Comer via /r/movies

Decided to take this little guy in today. He was hiding in my engine bay and fell out on i95, so I went stopped the car and ran back for him. Any name suggestions? via /r/aww


Lettuce (Lactuca sativa) is an annual plant of the daisy family, Asteraceae, often grown as a leaf vegetable, and sometimes for its stem or seeds. Often used for salads, lettuce is also seen in other kinds of food, such as soups, sandwiches and wraps. In addition to its use as a leafy green, it has religious and medicinal significance. World production of lettuce and chicory for 2017 was 27 million tonnes, 56 percent of which came from China. Generally grown as a hardy annual, lettuce is easily cultivated, although it requires relatively low temperatures to prevent it from flowering quickly. It can be plagued by numerous nutrient deficiencies, as well as insect and mammal pests, and fungal and bacterial diseases. Lettuce is a rich source of vitamin K and vitamin A, and a moderate source of folate and iron. Contaminated lettuce can be a source of bacterial, viral, and parasitic outbreaks in humans, including E. coli and Salmonella.

Universal voting by mail becomes permanent in California

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Judge rules state's ban on mask mandates in schools is unconstitutional

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Man builds a "Blockbuster Video" in his rec-room via /r/movies

A London fox came to hang out with my kitten via /r/aww

This cat visits regularly and he always has a treat! via /r/aww

‘Je Suis Karl’ Review: Not Marx. The Opposite, In Fact.


Governor orders flags lowered as Kansas tops 6K COVID deaths

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75% of U.S. adults have taken at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine - CDC

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Little Beagle via /r/aww

Investigators Want To Know What Caused An Amtrak Train To Derail In Montana

The westbound train, Empire Builder, was on its way from Chicago to Seattle when it left the tracks Saturday after near Joplin, Mont., killing three people.

Sunday, 26 September 2021

In Praise of the Intermission, and Why Movies Need to Bring It Back via /r/movies

Back to the Future is a perfect movie

Everything about this movie is so impressive. The story is immaculately plotted: you can’t remove a single plot point without it falling apart. The set-up of George and Lorraine’s romance, the rules of time travel, the lightning bolt: everything has a purpose and a payoff. The comedy that arises from Marty interacting in the 1950’s, his mother hitting on him, having to give pep talks to his dad so he’ll take in Biff at the end…it’s all so wonderfully presented and satisfying in a way that few movies are. It’s one of the great American films via /r/movies

My wife made our dog a “barkuterie board” for his birthday via /r/aww

You Are Enough: Self Worth & Comparison Traps | Back to Basics

Lawmaker arrested for allegedly violating protection order

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Catholics Protest 'Benedetta' at New York Film Festival Premiere via /r/movies

Early Results Show The German Election Is Too Close To Call

Germany's two largest parties have emerged from Sunday's election in what amounts to a dead heat, according to preliminary results.

Rare Pokemon Oreos Are Selling For Thousands Of Dollars On eBay

One cookie featuring a rare Pokemon sold for $15,000 online, giving new meaning to the catchphrase, "Gotta catch 'em all."

Exit Polls Show An Extremely Close Race In German Election To Succeed Angela Merkel

After 16 years in office, the German chancellor is stepping down. Early results show a razor-thin margin in what is expected to be one of the closest outcomes in years.

At Least 3 People Killed In Amtrak Derailment In Montana

A train that runs between Seattle and Chicago had about 160 onboard when it ran off the track Saturday afternoon in Joplin, Mont, the train agency said. Multiple people are injured.

Show HN: Find Reddit discussion threads for your TV shows

Show HN: Find Reddit discussion threads for your TV shows September 27, 2021 at 01:57AM

Joel Osteen - Recognizing Your Value

New York may tap National Guard to replace unvaccinated healthcare workers

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Police kill armed man on crowded Southern California beach

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Transandinomys is a genus of rodents in the tribe Oryzomyini of the family Cricetidae—a grouping of medium-sized, soft-furred rice rats. It includes two species—T. bolivaris and T. talamancae—found in forests from Honduras in Central America to southwestern Ecuador and northwestern Venezuela in South America. The upperparts—brownish in T. bolivaris and reddish in T. talamancae—are much darker than the whitish underparts. Both species are characterized by very long vibrissae (whiskers), but those of T. bolivaris are particularly long. In addition, several other morphological differences distinguish the two, including wider first upper molars in T. bolivaris. Both species live on the ground, are active during the night, eat both plant and animal matter, and construct nests of vegetation. They are hosts to various external parasites. They are in no apparent danger of extinction and have been assessed as least-concern species on the IUCN Red List.

A firefighter in Turkey brought a kitten back to life using CPR. The kitty's heart had stopped when it got stuck between two buildings. via /r/aww

Show HN: PolicyEngine lets you simulate reforms to the tax and benefit system

Show HN: PolicyEngine lets you simulate reforms to the tax and benefit system September 26, 2021 at 04:50PM

5 steps to designing the life you want | Bill Burnett | TEDxStanford

Fire officials are investigating a 'suspicious' blaze at the historic Susan B. Anthony House

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Suspect arrested after dousing woman in gasoline, lighting her on fire

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Stepfather arrested in toddler's disappearance, police fear the 'unimaginable'

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I'll give you some Aww's via /r/aww

4 Keys To Elevate Your Self Worth

Eminem is opening a "Mom's Spaghetti" restaurant in Detroit on Wednesday Sept. 29.

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18-year-old expecting mother dies from COVID-19

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UK gas stations run dry as trucker shortage sparks hoarding

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