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Sunday, 28 February 2021

FDA approves new device to help protect athletes from traumatic brain injury

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[spoilers] The King's Speech (2010) - just something I noticed

I watched it for the third time or so today.It really is a masterpiece of externally demonstrating ("showing") audiences the importance of speech.The way speech affects other peoples' perception of you is shown in so many little ways that I had not noticed before, such as:When Elizabeth (George's wife) initally meets Lionel, she doesn't use received pronunciation. After he learns her true identity, she reverts back to using it; showing how closely even subtle changes in speech are associated with rank and perception.When Lionel is auditioning for King Lear, he stammers briefly, saying "wi--with--with". The people he is auditioning for immediately stop him. They point out his diction, and remark on his Australian accent. This demonstrates: 1. Stutters can be associated with fear and anxiety, 2. A stutter can damage other peoples' confidence in and perception of you, 3. How you speak can define your "role" in society, just like how he spoke prevented him from becoming "king" (with obvious parallels to how George's stutter may threaten his role as king.)Anyway, just wanted to share! I'm still in the middle of watching it so I might edit this post as I go along. via /r/movies

/r/movies Official Golden Globes Live Thread 2020

Welcome to the /r/movies official Golden Globes thread.Before commenting, a few things to note:All Golden Globes content posted to /r/movies will be condensed to this thread.Thread will be set to new and remember to refresh often to keep up with the other users in a live feed!Here is the official full list of awards and nominees.Tonight's Nominees:Best Picture, DramaThe FatherMankNomadlandPromising Young WomanTrial of the Chicago 7Best Motion Picture, Musical or ComedyBorat Subsequent MoviefilmHamiltonMusicPalm SpringsPromBest Actress in a Motion Picture, DramaViola Davis - Ma Rainey's Black BottomAndra Day - The United States vs. Billie HolidayVanessa Kirby - Pieces of a WomanFrances McDormand - NomadlandCarey Mulligan - Promising Young WomanBest Actor in a Motion Picture, DramaRiz Ahmed - Sound of MetalChadwick Boseman - Ma Rainey's Black BottomAnthony Hopkins - The FatherGary Oldman - MankTahar Rahim - The MauritanianBest Actress in a Motion Picture, Musical or ComedyMaria Bakalova - Borat Subsequent Movie FilmKate Hudson - MusicMichelle Pfeiffer - French ExitRosamund Pike - I Care A LotAnya Taylor-Joy - EmmaBest Actor in a Motion Picture, Musical or ComedySacha Baron Cohen - Subsequent MoviefilmJames Corden - The PromLin-Manuel Miranda - HamiltonDev patel - Personal History of David CopperfieldAndy Samberg - Palm SpringsBest Supporting Actor in a Motion PictureDaniel Kaluuya - Judas and the Black MessiahSacha Baron Cohen - The Trial of the Chicago 7Jared Leto - The Little ThingsBill Murray - On the RocksLeslie Odom Jr. - One Night in MiamiBest Supporting Actress in a Motion PictureGlenn Close - Hilbilly ElegyOlivia Coleman - The FatherJodie Foster - The MauritanianAmanda Seyfried - MankHelena Zengel - News of the WorldBest Director of a Motion PictureEmerald Fennell - Promising Young WomanDavid Fincher - MankRegina King - One Night in MiamiAaron Sorkin - The Trial of the Chicago 7Chloe Zhao - NomadlandBest Screenplay for a Motion PicturePromising Young WomanMankThe Trial of the Chicago 7The FatherNomadlandBest Animated Feature FilmThe Croods: A New AgeOnwardOver the MoonSoulWolfwalkersBest Foreign Language FilmAnother RoundLa LloronaThe Life AheadMinariTwo of UsBest Original Score for a Motion PictureThe Midnight SkyTenetNews of the WorldMankSoulBest Original Song for a Motion PictureFight For You - Judas and the Black MessiahHear My Voice - Trial of the Chicago 7Seen - The Life AheadSpeak Now - One Night in MiamiTigress and Tweed - The United States vs. Billie HolidayThe Golden Globes begin at 8pm Eastern time on ABC. via /r/movies

Caught a picture of the elusive Blanket Shark in the wild via /r/aww

I just adopted this boy a couple days ago. His name is Dr. Wilson and he’s very polite. via /r/aww

Stay Strong ✨❤️ via /r/aww

Mama dog leads rescuers to her babies — and gives them kisses when they’re safe via /r/aww

Amid COVID-19 pandemic, flu has disappeared in the US

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CDC Launches Web Tool To Help Americans Find COVID-19 Vaccines

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#Wallpaper Commonwealth Avenue Bridge, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, AustraliaWikipedia: Canberra · Australian Capital Territory https://

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#Wikipedia picture of the day on March 1, 2021: Commonwealth Avenue Bridge, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, AustraliaWikipedia: Canberra · Australian Capital Territory

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'Pretty in Pink' at 35: Director Howard Deutch on film's famous lost ending and Molly Ringwald's theory that Duckie was secretly gay via /r/movies

Phone Booth (2002) - A totally forgotten film with Colin Farrell at its best needs a rewatch

I'm not sure why the movie got so forgotten, but that shouldn't have happened. Phone Booth is a classic chamber play that is almost exclusively performed by Colin Farrell in an old phone booth in New York.Joel Schumacher (director), Matthew Libatique ( cinematography) and Larry Cohen (script) keep the tension high throughout the film and are masters at leaving out useless things. With a running time of almost 80 minutes, this makes for an extremely entertaining experience. After seeing the film again after almost 20 years, I can only recommend giving it another chance. You will not regret it. via /r/movies

It looks like a cat squirrel via /r/aww

We need a bigger couch via /r/aww

Are you "hungry"? via /r/aww

Living his best life via /r/aww

Show HN: Planck 6502, an open hardware extensible retro computer

Show HN: Planck 6502, an open hardware extensible retro computer March 1, 2021 at 12:54AM

Show HN: WebMIDI Enabled Editors and Tools

Show HN: WebMIDI Enabled Editors and Tools March 1, 2021 at 12:33AM

BRPD narcotics officer arrested, accused of distributing drugs

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Class-action lawsuit alleging systemic racism within Correctional Service Canada gains momentum

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Wikipedia article of the day is Interstate 70 in Colorado. Check it out:

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Interstate 70 in Colorado

Interstate 70 in Colorado.
Interstate 70 passes through Colorado on its route between its western terminus at Cove Fort, Utah, and its eastern at Baltimore, Maryland. In western Colorado, the highway connects the metropolitan areas of Grand Junction and Denver via a route through the Rocky Mountains. Bicycles are allowed on those stretches of I-70 in the Rockies where no other through route exists. The United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) lists the construction of I-70 among the engineering marvels undertaken in the Interstate Highway system. The Eisenhower Tunnel, with a maximum elevation of 11,158 feet (3,401 m) and length of 1.7 miles (2.7 km), is the longest mountain tunnel and highest point along the Interstate Highway System. The portion through Glenwood Canyon was completed on October 14, 1992, one of the final pieces of the Interstate Highway System to open to traffic, and one of the most expensive rural highways per mile built in the United States.

GOP senator: If we continue to idolize one person, we will lose

Dr. Fauci on US case count: This is what history tells us

'Really frightening’: George Takei responds to rise in anti-Asian violence

Saturday, 27 February 2021

Thinking about getting 100 more via /r/aww

Show HN: Pasting output from previous bash command as arguments

Show HN: Pasting output from previous bash command as arguments February 28, 2021 at 01:35AM

A Native American Says She Shot Her Alleged Rapist In Self Defense. Federal Prosecutors Charged Her With Murder

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Yemen's children starve as U.N. seeks billions to avoid vast 'man-made' famine

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What is your favorite “fun” movie?

I’ve needed something to cheer me up/have a good time with because I haven’t been doing great recently. I’m away at school now and watching movies is basically where I get most of my entertainment from, but I’m sort of burnt out on heavier dramas and have found myself unable to even get 30 minutes in recently.What movies always bring you joy to watch? via /r/movies

Spending my 6 year sober anniversary with these 2 ladies. Makes me that much more grateful to be here today! via /r/aww

Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) has gone through more traumatic horrors in the Alien Franchise that most characters in a film series don't

I just did a marathon of the first four movies, the Alien Quadrilogy and kept track of all that Sigourney Weaver character goes through in the course of 4 films.To start even when we first meet her, she is in space having left her 11 year old or so daughter at home. Even with her survival she will never see her daughter or anyone from home ever again. Ever. The first film is to the point and beautiful, an alien comes on board she has to witness it burst out of her buddies chest killing him, all her teammates are killed so she is left alone with a cat to fight off an ugly scar alien herself. Its traumatic. Also the cyborg they brought along she thought she could trust turned on them..but she makes it out aliveOnly to wake up in the sequel 57 years later. She finds out her daughter who was 66 just died at home before she awoke. She's talked into going to a colony by another person who will betray her just to fight off more aliens. Everyone she gets to know is killed...the two survivors HIcks and little girl Newt she goes back into danger multiple times to save and risk her life to save the little girl multiple times because of a mother/daughter connection to make it to Safety...Just to find both were killed off screen while she was in orbit. All that time and energy spent bonding with a little girl who lost her entire family just for her to be lost just like that...oh also Ripley is now pregnant with an alien and is the only woman on an all male prison planet? Again everyone she meets or in case of a Lannister develops feelings for killed for her to survive just to realize she must kill herself now. After all the effort of several films to survive she now wants nothing more but to die, though its the only option and would put her at peace finally in a way...Just to be woken (cloned) again in 4th film. She finally made peace to die and now they bring her back again except she's not fully herself and she birthed an alien.. the fact its also 200 years in the future is also probably exhausting as well but again she must fight and kill her alien children and finally does make it to earth after hundreds of years except she's not really herself and earth is nothing like earth to her by now anyway.Like, damn, her story has a lot of suffering. via /r/movies

Daddy-Daughter Ballet Class via /r/aww

She always knows when I’ve had a rough day via /r/aww

"An absolute, utter shock": Doctor fired after giving away expiring doses of COVID-19 vaccine speaks out

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The perfect coworker via /r/aww

Electricity needed to mine bitcoin is more than used by 'entire countries'

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#Wallpaper Textures in the Cave of Lapinha, Sumidouro State Park, Minas Gerais, Brazil. https://

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#Wikipedia picture of the day on February 28, 2021: Textures in the Cave of Lapinha, Sumidouro State Park, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

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This dude made a seriously impressive LEGO version of the Top Gun: Maverick trailer. via /r/movies

F.D.A. Clears Johnson & Johnson’s Shot, the Third Vaccine for U.S.

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Cuomo Is Accused of Sexual Harassment by a 2nd Former Aide

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Wikipedia article of the day is 1080° Snowboarding. Check it out:

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‘Justice League’ Investigator Says Walter Hamada Did Not Interfere, WarnerMedia Defends Exec From Ray Fisher Allegations via /r/movies

It looks like a galaxy via /r/aww

When you’re dark and spooky but very cute. via /r/aww

Meet Parpov, our friendly neighborhood Rotty. All he wants is pets, and he sad howls when you stop. via /r/aww

1080° Snowboarding

1080° Snowboarding.
1080° Snowboarding is a 1998 snowboarding video game developed by Nintendo Entertainment Analysis & Development and published by Nintendo. It was released for the Nintendo 64 and re-released in 2008 for the Wii's Virtual Console. In the game, the player controls one of five snowboarders from a third-person perspective, using a combination of buttons to snowboard past flags, jump and perform tricks over eight levels. The objective is either to arrive quickly at a level's finish line or to receive maximum points for grabbing or spinning the board in trick combinations. 1080° was announced in November 1997 and developed over the course of nine months; it garnered critical acclaim and won an Interactive Achievement Award from the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences. It sold over two million units, and a second installment, 1080° Avalanche, was released for the Nintendo GameCube in November 2003.

At Black History Event, Harris Champions COVID-19 Bill For Its Aid To Black Americans

The vice president touted how President Biden's $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package would benefit Black Americans hit disproportionately hard by the coronavirus.

At Least 25 Dead After Prison Break In Haiti In Which Hundreds Of Inmates Escaped

As of late Friday, more than 200 inmates were still on the run, according to authorities. The outbreak is another setback for a country gripped by political turmoil and gang violence.

House Approves $1.9 Trillion COVID-19 Relief Package

The proposal, which would provide a new round of financial support for workers, families and businesses, will now advance to the Senate.

Friday, 26 February 2021

When you accidentally turn on light mode via /r/aww

White supremacist sentenced to nearly 20 years in plot to bomb Colorado synagogue

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Former SolarWinds CEO blames intern for 'solarwinds123' password leak

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The most awkward movie interview ever...for Caddyshack via /r/movies

Official Discussion Megathread (The United States vs. Billie Holiday / The Girl on the Train / Tom and Jerry)

The United States vs. Billie HolidayThe Girl on the TrainTom and JerryMinari (VOD release) via /r/movies

A very polite bee. via /r/aww

FDA panel recommends third Covid vaccine as J&J wins key vote in path to emergency use

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What are some of the best movie "B plots"?

I love Kirsten Dunst's character arc in "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind". In fact, after watching that movie a few times, I've developed a deeper appreciation for the "C plot"(?) of Carrie and Rob (David Cross)'s relationship. In general, I think subplots and secondary characters sometimes emerge more clearly upon rewatching the movie.What are some other "B plots" that drew you in? via /r/movies

Girl, 11, finds parents dead in Missouri home. Both had Covid-19.

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