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Sunday, 11 April 2021

CEOs gather to speak out against voting law changes

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#Wallpaper Trees in the fog in the hamlet Leuste, Dülmen, GermanyWikipedia: Fog · Dülmen https://

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#Wikipedia picture of the day on April 12, 2021: Trees in the fog in the hamlet Leuste, Dülmen, GermanyWikipedia: Fog · Dülmen

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The Prestige deserves a higher spot in the pantheon of Christopher Nolan movies

I rewatched The Prestige for the first time as an impressionable teenager and thought it was a really cool premise for a movie. I re-watched it again many years later to understand the nuances of the movie. The movie is so well written within its own theme. The pledge, the turn and the prestige. The breadcrumbs you see strewn throughout the movie to guide you to a climax you know is coming. I'd imagine a magician's trick is dear to him or her and revealing it ruins the mystique. But Nolan's direction with this movie makes know the final reveal a lot more satisfying. It allowed me to look for the change in dialogue, the misdirections and the visceral satisfaction that comes from oneupsmanship and what happens when it's taken too far.Are you looking closely? via /r/movies

Dog isn't happy about the guy sitting in his seat. via /r/aww

'Michigan needs to be shut down': Doctor on Covid-19 surge

Hideki Matsuyama makes history as first Japanese man to win golf major

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Vaccine skepticism runs deep among white evangelicals in US

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U.S. SEC review of socially responsible funds finds 'potentially misleading' claims

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Wikipedia article of the day is Space Shuttle. Check it out:

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Space Shuttle

Space Shuttle.
The Space Shuttle was a partially reusable low Earth orbital spacecraft system operated from April 12, 1981, to July 21, 2011, by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration in the United States. Launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, five Space Shuttle orbiter vehicles flew on a total of 135 missions during 30 years. They conducted science experiments in orbit, helped build the International Space Station, and launched numerous satellites, interplanetary probes, and the Hubble Space Telescope. Four fully operational orbiters were initially built: Columbia, Challenger, Discovery (pictured), and Atlantis. Lost in mission accidents were Challenger in 1986 and Columbia in 2003, with a total of fourteen astronauts killed. A fifth operational orbiter, Endeavour, was built in 1991 to replace Challenger. The Space Shuttle was retired from service upon the conclusion of Atlantis's final flight.

A call for racial equity: Boston's new mayor makes history

Maryland Lawmakers Override Vetoes On Sweeping Police Reform

A comprehensive package of police reform measures cleared the state's General Assembly on Wednesday, including the repeal of police job protections long cited as a barricade to accountability.

Saturday, 10 April 2021

Holy shit, Mandy.

I’ve been sleeping on this movie for 3 years.It’s like if Dario Argento and Terrence Malick had a baby and let Clive Barker raise it in the woods and fed it nothing but old DVD’s of Oldboy.Holy shit, Mandy.The colors, the imagery, the absolute dread, the tiger shirt, the eyes. Everyone’s eyes. Cheddar Goblin!And Nic Fucking Cage.I’d written him off years ago. My bad, Nic.It’s been a very long time since a movie pleasantly surprised me this much. Pleasant is probably not the right word for a movie such as this, but man, what a flick!I can’t stop thinking about it. via /r/movies

trying to work while my ~4 month old kittens track my mouse across the screen via /r/aww

One arrested at Iowa Capitol as group rallies against bills increasing protest-related penalties

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Scientists have discovered X-rays coming from Uranus

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Chloé Zhao Becomes Second Woman to Win Top Directors Guild Award


One is a pillow and the other is a blanket, everybody wins via /r/aww

21 miners trapped after Xinjiang coal mine accident - China Daily

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He’s a good boi 🍉 via /r/aww

This house listing has their dog modeling for every room 10/10 advertising via /r/aww

Show HN: Squirrelbyte – a SQLite-based JSON document server

Show HN: Squirrelbyte – a SQLite-based JSON document server April 11, 2021 at 02:21AM

Sheriff: Ex-dispatcher accused of refusing to return $1.2M

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#Wallpaper View of Damascus in Schedel's World History, woodcut by Michael Wolgemut, printed in the very rare pirated edition of 1497 by Johann Schönsperger in Augsburg. https://

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#Wikipedia picture of the day on April 11, 2021: View of Damascus in Schedel's World History, woodcut by Michael Wolgemut, printed in the very rare pirated edition of 1497 by Johann Schönsperger in Augsburg.

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Moms Be Like via /r/aww

Parrot having a bath via /r/aww

Heart Disease Is Still A Killer. Here's How To Reverse It

The pandemic has made it harder to exercise and easier to gain weight and delay routine checkups, bad habits that can prime your body for heart disease. These tips can help you get back on track.

Rally for ‘white lives’ in Huntington Beach raises concerns

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Army lieutenant sues police for pepper spraying, threatening him during stop

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Arizona congressional aide found dead, girlfriend rescued in Death Valley National Park

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Wikipedia article of the day is The Boat Races 2015. Check it out:

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What's your opinion about The Last of the Mohicans?

I just saw the movie... And I have no words to speak. Music was magical, probably in my top 3 themes (2nd Braveheart, 1st Lord of the Rings/Hobbit ), plot was sooo good, acting was perfect and the end was... Omg I still have tears in my face. I had a long time to feel such a nice feeling, the excitement for the end. I wanna hear your opinion via /r/movies

‘ Excalibur’ at 40: A Different Breed of Blockbuster via /r/movies

What is an opinion you have that would get you automatically downvoted here?

I'll start. I think The Last Jedi is the best out of all the films of the sequel trilogy. I really liked how Rian Johnson tried to do something different than what is normally expected in a Star Wars film. I recall people complaining about The Force Awakens being unoriginal and copying A New Hope. I get why people hate it but let's give the movie credit for doing something different. The protagonist doesn't always have to win though the big bad was defeated, and I will admit that the cinematography is great. via /r/movies

The Boat Races 2015

The Boat Races 2015.
The 2015 Boat Races took place on 11 April. The Boat Race is an annual side-by-side rowing race between crews from the universities of Oxford and Cambridge along a 4.2-mile (6.8 km) tidal stretch of the River Thames. For the first time ever, the men's, women's and both reserve races were all held on the Tideway. In the men's reserve race, Cambridge's Goldie faced Oxford's Isis after the women's race, as a preliminary to the main men's race, while the women's reserve race, held the day before, saw Oxford's Osiris race against Cambridge's Blondie. Oxford's women won the first running of the Women's Boat Race on the Tideway, and the 70th overall, by ​6 1⁄2 lengths, to take the overall record in the event to 41–29 in Cambridge's favour. Oxford also won the men's reserve race, with Isis winning by 3 lengths. In the main men's race, umpired by Boris Rankov, Oxford (crew pictured) won by ​6 1⁄2 lengths, taking the overall record in the event to 81–79 in Cambridge's favour. The women's reserve race was won by Osiris by 15 lengths, making the overall record 21–20 to Cambridge.

50 Years Later, The Legacy Of U.S.-China 'Pingpong Diplomacy' Faces Challenges

April 10 marks the 50th anniversary of when U.S. table tennis players first visited China in a diplomatic breakthrough. But today, the political winds have shifted — in both countries.

Newly Discovered Dinosaur Was Top Carnivorous Predator In Argentina

The dinosaur named Llukalkan aliocranianus was a predator with a menacing appearance and the ability to strike fear in its prey. Paleontologists said it roamed the Earth nearly 80 million years ago.

Friday, 9 April 2021

"A man is already halfway in love with any woman who listens to him."...NOT! Nice try Brendan Behan

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Sunrise: April 9, 2021 at 12:46PM Partly Cloudy today! With a high of: and a low of:12

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Official Discussion Megathread (Shiva Baby / City of Lies / Voyagers / Thunder Force)

Shiva BabyCity of LiesVoyagersThunder Force via /r/movies

But daaad via /r/aww

Such a good boi via /r/aww

China slaps Alibaba with $2.8 billion fine in anti-monopoly probe

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The puppy I got today, Cap via /r/aww

4 gray whales found dead in San Francisco Bay Area in 9 days

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Bikers from Hells Angels, Red Devils face multiple charges after major investigation into murder, and weapons and drug trafficking

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Four alleged 'Grizzly' militia members charged with destroying evidence in federal investigation

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Kevin Smith explains why you can't buy or watch Dogma anywhere. via /r/movies

I think Dexter likes the new kitten via /r/aww

When you’re talking to an NPC but they fall into the water. via /r/aww

Say hello to Blu via /r/aww

Indigenous New Zealand tribe fundraises to buy back ancestral land

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#Wallpaper Skyline of Cambridge, Massachusetts, as viewed from Harvard Bridge. Prominently visible are the Great Dome and Green Building of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which was established on April 10, 1861. https://

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I had to give my cat away 5 years ago and the lady still sends me pictures of her. I got a loaf pic today. via /r/aww

When your bestie comes over via /r/aww

Kentucky Law Limits Use Of No-Knock Warrants, A Year After Breonna Taylor's Killing

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear signed the partial ban on no-knock warrants at a ceremony on Friday as members of Taylor's family looked on.

Nikolai Glushkov: Putin critic 'strangled in London home by third party'

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Wikipedia article of the day is Isopogon anethifolius. Check it out:

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New poster for Netflix 'Army Of The Dead' via /r/movies

Who thinks sharks are cute? via /r/aww

Isopogon anethifolius

Isopogon anethifolius.
Isopogon anethifolius is a shrub in the family Proteaceae. The species is found only in coastal areas near Sydney in New South Wales, and to the immediate west. It occurs naturally in woodland, open forest and heathland on sandstone soils. An upright shrub, it can reach to 3 m (10 ft) in height, with terete leaves that are divided and narrow. The yellow flowers appear from September to December and are prominently displayed. They are followed by round grey cones, which give the plant its common name of drumsticks. The small hairy seeds are found in the old flower parts. I. anethifolius regenerates after bushfire by resprouting from its woody base, known as a lignotuber, as well as from seed. It was described by Richard Salisbury in 1796, and was first grown in the United Kingdom the same year. One of the easiest members of the genus Isopogon to cultivate, I. anethifolius grows readily in the garden if located in a sunny or partly shaded spot with sandy soil and good drainage.

Conspiracy Charges Bring Proud Boys' History Of Violence Into Spotlight

Leading members of the far-right gang known as the Proud Boys are facing federal conspiracy charges in the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. Ahead of the riot, members of the group called for "war."

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