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Thursday, 22 October 2015

1000$ Worth Giant Guide To Blogging For Beginnners Free

Call me crazy but I'm going to share all what I have learnt for 4 years free.

Some of you have started a blog trying to share your bikini swimming pool pictures with your friends.

Some of you have started a blog sharing marriage photos, party photos...

Some of you have started a blog because you heard people are making money blogging.

Yet some of you have started a blog to share what you know.

Let's try to take all of you on board.

People make a living blogging.

People make 6 figure blogging.

But how do you want to do that if you're just trying to share your bikini photos to show people how beautiful you look in bikini's.

Or how do you want to do that if you think people just post anything on the internet and start making money.

Gone are the days when google was new and you could rank for just any thing and get internet traffic.

Google has changed it's logarithms to check if your content has value for it's users, if you're just copying from other blogs, and you can even face a penalty now on google.

Gone are the days when people where still excited to receive emails.

Now people even protect their emails with softwares.

So how do we want to do this?

We are just going to be talking.

I will tell you what you will find every where until it drives you crazy if you want to do blogging.

I will try to make you an expert rather than tell you what everyone is doing.

Who knows maybe you come out with your own stuff.

Article Marketing: Here you will have to right unique articles and submit them to article directories like ezine, articlebase...

To get more, just do a google search on article directories and you will get a tone of them.

Don't choose all, choose say 10 with high page rank (PR)

Now what if you know perfect language and are good in writing articles.

Why don't you capitalize here.

Come out with interesting stuffs about what you know (known as how to's)

Tell people about a vacation you took.

Tell them about the country, region, state where you're living.

Tell them about your favorite food, games and even cultural activities.

Tell them your experience in life, what you find good that people are doing and what you find bad that they are doing.

You want to get an audience.

And the benefit of getting an audience is that you're going to get people that will just follow you, you're going to get people that will support you no matter what and you're going to get people that will disagree with you.

All these people are useful to you since their friends, family, colleagues will like to join in the conversation.

Now if you have a blog or website you don't have to write all your articles relating to that blog.

You can write about your favorite Champions League term, baseball, basketball, or even your favorite animals.

People like to be in a common environment where they can share the things they love and laugh together.

This will get us into another very effective way of getting recognize on the internet.

Forums: A forum is a place where people come and share common interest.

They ask questions known as threads and answer to threads.

What are you interested in?

Football, basketball, Christianity, parenting, dating, marriage, sex.

Search for forums that share that particular interest.

Join say 5 of them.

You have the opportunity to get a link back to your blog in either a profile link or a signature link.

Now you can't just get recognise after say a month on these forums.

You will have to first of all sign in into these forums regularly since most of them show users online.

That alone will create some awareness.

Then you will have to answer to threads, post threads, bring up intelligent arguments, very effective if they're worth arguing about.

So if you want to choose forum posting to get traffic to your blog, then be ready to answer some questions, come up with intelligent questions, receive some hit if you start up an argument.

Video Marketing: Here you create videos about what you're trying to tell the world and upload it to video sites.

The most popular is youtube owned by google and it's the second largest search engine second only to google itself.

You can do a google search to get some more video sites.

What you want to do here is make sure the videos are short at most 4 minutes.

And you will have to create a tone of them if you want to see results.

Blog Commenting: Here what you're required to do is to find blogs in your niche (people that are writing about the same thing you're)

Comment on their posts.

Try to raise intelligent comments like either an agreement or a contradiction.

Here make sure you check the pr of the blog you're commenting on using google rank checker and the number of readers of that blog.

Most blog owners will share with you their number of readers.

This can be very effective if the readers of that blog get to like you or get to argue with you.

With them liking you, maybe you're consistently adding value to that blog.

With arguments maybe you regular disagree with what the owner of that blog is saying.

You have to be able to stand the heat though ''bro''

You must not comment on blogs found only in your niche.

Find you say ten blogs that write about things you're interested in and see how you can participate in the fun.

Maybe the blog owner knows more that you and so you have to just nut the head, or maybe you find the blog owner feeding a group ignorant people with complete nonsense.

Step in raise the alarm in any way to can.

Social Media Marketing: With the raise of social media awareness thesedays like facebook, twitter, stumbleupon, digg, reddit, delicious, pinterest google+...

This means of getting traffic to your blog can not just be ignored.

Facebook alone has more than 2 billion users.

Big companies with large budgets are found on facebook.

Your favorite celebrities are found on facebook.

People even make money on facebook with their facebook pages.

There are all sorts of games on facebook.

Infact facebook has almost every thing for everyone.

Your success here depends on the number of friends you have and the number of fans your facebook page has.

Post regularly and consistently.

Post with pictures have been known to perform better.

I don't know what you want to be telling people but make sure you give the right content so it can apply to people.

Twitter is the most effective mini blogger plateform with a very large audience too.

What you need is followers.

Short and intelligent tweets giving room for retweets.

Follow influential people in your niche.

Retweet other people tweets.

Stumbleupon, as it's name sounds you can just stumbleupon great stuffs.

Follow people so they can know you're there.

Don't just go about liking stuffs.

Your focus is to get notice.

Digg is a news site mostly concerned with technology.

Delicious is a very effective social bookmarking site.

Where you can bookmark WebPages for later use.

Pinterest has a greater women population.

Where they share modelling photos, marriage photos and food photos.

So if you want to get into the game here you must be willing to share female concentrated products.

Also make sure to get followers.

Reddit has become the largest news site recently, I heard even Obama was there.

Head over there make what you're trying to share like a news, find out about the news offering the same content as you join in the game and tap into reddits recent gold mine.

Google+ is owned by google is is known to rank webpage high that get more google +1.

I was just trying to show you how these sites work.

What you want to do is understand your audience.

Know what they're seeking on these social media sites.

Join in give them what they want on a regular basis and raise yourself above the noise.

Try to get as much friends as you can, share and like the stuffs of other people.

SEO: Search engine optimization.

Very broad very complicated and it involves ranking high in search engines like google, yahoo, bing...

We're going to make this sound a little less complicated that must people will tell you.

Basically you rank for keywords, say you rank on the front page of google for the keyword ''on page seo''.

Must people will advice you to do keyword research.

But I for one will say write a well detailed information about what you know and it will get all the relevant keywords you need.

You can go in site like Quora and yahoo answer where people ask and answer questions.

You will find a good volume of what people are regularly asking to get to your product.

Visits news site like reddit and it will give you very unique information about what the latest news about your product is.

Must of the times not even known by search engines.

Head over to google planner.

Now don't enter  a keyword in the keyword field, what you will get is what everyone is getting.

This is too competitive for you.

Instead head over to the section where it shows you

Enter your blog url there, a wiki page, other pages relevant to your niche.

You will get what is known as long tail keywords.

Have been proven in time to be very effective.

Choose a few say 5 come out with good and well detailed articles addressing these long tail keywords.

You can choose more if you want to.

5 is just a good number.

Then you will have to get backlinks.

The number of sites your site link to will tell google and other search engines how to rank your site (pr).

Here quality is preferred to quantity.

All the above methods of getting traffic are also the methods of getting backlinks.

You want to capitalize on this.

All of these is not going to be productive over night.

It take some time and some hard work.

You will have to be consistence in what you do and what you know to raise you above the noise so you can create expertise and get people to like and follow you.

If you need any more advise then message me @

2015 Social Network Gold Mine (Pinterest)

Pinterest is the fastest growing social network.

With a huge percentage of it's users being women.

Recent studies have shown that it converts better than facebook and twitter.

Probably since it is new people are excited about just any thing they see there.

I have been doing some careful case studies on it for the past 2 weeks now.

I found out something very surprising, people are busy creating boards and making pins rather than getting followers.

Yes having a good number of pins and boards is a great idea.

But the fun is in the interaction.

You want to see people liking repining and sharing your pins, following your boards.

And you can only achieve this if you have more followers.

Follow people like crazy.

Don't create a beautiful pinterest profile with lovely boards and pins on women stuffs after you took an exam on how pinterest functions, set and fold your arms and brag hoping people must like share and repin what you have to show them.

That will not happen, I can assure you of that with all certainty.
You need to go for some outreach.

Just be following people and a good number of them will follow back.

And you will also have the opportunity for your profile to be found on others.

Message me @ for any comments.

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